Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Ok this is my first try at at journal type thing. I have never really written down my thoughts before in one place so I think that is is as good as a place as any. It's fucking 3 in the morning and I cant sleep and I have work tomorrow at 9, but I dont really care. I like staying up at night. There's just something about it that I love. Maybe its the quiet.....I cant really put my finger on it.


Po-Cho said...

ah, the whole "3 in the morning, can't sleep" thing is hitting you, too. i know what that's like! except for me it was 5 in the morning with a 2 hour lecture at 9 and work right after. hopefully you can keep enjoying being up late at night and don't get run down too much. i agree with the whole quiet thing. maybe you just like the alone time it's giving you?

9:47 PM  

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