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38531 Trafalgar Way, Sterling Hgts, MI 48312 - Phone: 586-258-8926 -
  Results-driven professional with over seventeen (17) years of combined IT and business management experience, and six (6) years of combined military and civil service experience. Strengths include:
  • Project planning, management, and implementation.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Supplier/vendor coordination.
  • Strategy development, bid solicitation, contract negotiation, and contract performance monitoring.
  • Financial, statistical, and cost-benefit analysis, forecasting, budgeting, and valuation (utilizing DCF, NPV, IRR, and ROI analysis).
  • Building sustainable and effective teams.
  • Experience with enterprise-wide integrated applications on a wide range of platforms.
  • Business and systems analysis for complex business processes and multi-platform IT systems.
  • Technical skills ranging from thin-client JAVA based apps, to thick-client C-based apps, and legacy COBOL /mainframe apps.
University of Florida - Gainesville, Florida
> Master of Science (MS), Decision & Information Science (DIS)
> Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), Decision & Information Science (DIS)
  (Dean's List & University of Florida President's Honor Roll)
TekSystems (Ford Motor Co. client engagement) - Dearborn, MI

January 2011 - Present

  Ford Consumer Services Division (FCSD) - Application Development Services (ADS)
  • FCSD Dashboard:
    A four phase multi-million dollar global project (that includes substantial re-engineering for the U.S. & Mexico). Requested by a former Ford manager to return to FCSD, to manage the "FCSD Dashboard" project (reviewed and scrutinized at "LL2" & "LL3" Ford leadership levels). All phases of the internal FCSD Dashboard were delivered on time, within budget. Responsibilities included:
  • Managing a team of local and offshore developers and business analysts.
  • Coordination with the IT teams supporting four source systems.
  • Vendor and business coordination.

  • UDB Global / Global Dealer Performance Metrics (GDPM) Assessment:
    A $29.8 million dollar program with deliverables for the U.S., Mexico, Canada, FoE, APA, FSAO, and E&G. PM for the IT team which, together with the business team, was tasked with evaluating:
  • Expansion of existing UDB/eReact capabilities to all global markets.
  • Completion of a Global UDB ID & Assessment of current global capabilities to determine if a single global database/reporting solution should be developed.
  • Identification of opportunities to leverage existing U.S./Europe capabilities.
  • Completion of E1 and subsequent E2 SEER Estimate, with year-over-year calendarization of effort and cost.
OnStar Corporation (General Motors subsidiary) - Detroit, MI

July 2008 - Feb 2010

  • Team leader for the BA and Architecture team comprised of resources from HP/EDS and Chordiant, responsible for all requirements and services definition for the Global Advisor Application (the lead project of a $72 million program, driving 80% of the program content). This is a ground-up re-write of all legacy OnStar CRM applications and the largest IT new development undertaking that has been performed in the last 5 years.
  • SME and Lead Analyst for implementations of the two largest block-point releases in OnStarís 12 year history, utilizing Agile methodology (user stories, story points, sprints, daily stand-ups / scrums, and burn-down charts). Involving hundreds of thousands of SLOC, the releases were up to 2½ times larger than any previous effort, and each implementation was flawlessly accomplished within a three month span.
    > Received OnStar President's Award for my efforts.
  • Drove company-wide adoption of a common modeling tool and change management process. Lead the effort to create a program-level Use Case model and establish a company-wide standard for requirements.
  • Simultaneously performed duties of OnStar GAA Release 4.1 Test Manager, ensuring satisfactory resolution of all China SIT, and NA UAT issues and defects. Efforts included defect validation, requirements validation, and acting as a direct interface to vendors, China Test Team Lead, and NA UAT Business Lead.
    > Received OnStar President's Award; the 2nd Onstar President's Award received in 2009.
Ford Motor Company - Dearborn, MI

May 2002 - July 2008

  NextGen Automated Vehicle Scheduling (NGAVS), Application Development Services (ADS)
> BUSINESS ANALYST LEAD, (02/2007 - 07/2008)
  Program Lead Business Analyst for $40+ million program. Promoted as a result of the following efforts:
  • Developed project plan used to drive the pilot deployment of the "NBT Project" (with the primary objective of phasing out a legacy communication protocol used by core AVS applications). The plan was successfully used during the pilot deployment, and served as the best practice template for all subsequent North American plant deployments.
  • Created (and received funding approval) on four (4) different project requests that depicted benefits, issues, risks, technical requirements, test strategy, timeline, and a breakdown of effort/costs. Also created and presented the associated management presentations.
  • Lead all work-stream collaboration and synchronization to ensure all iteration plan dependencies are satisfied. Often served as an objective dispute mediator between work-streams.
  • Lead information sharing sessions with all work-streams to enhance best practice knowledge of RUP, UML, Use Case Modeling, and optimal utilization of the Requisite-Pro and Rational Software Modeler/Architect tools.
  • Developed the program-level use case model and aligned the efforts of five distinct project work-streams involving approximately 30 people.
  Ford Consumer Services Division (FCSD) - Application Development Services (ADS)
  • Promoted and offered a position in ADS leading the application development team to successfully complete the "Warranty Parts Return Task Force" plan, resulting in annual cost recovery of approximately $6M.
  • Served as team lead, project manager, and business analyst for the Ford Motor Company Consumer Services Division ("FCSD") suite of warranty-related applications for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe.
  • Managed an Application Development Services ("ADS") team including developers in both the U.S. and India, responsible for supporting six (6) global applications residing in mainframe (MVS / COBOL / DB2) and web (Windows Server 2003 / ASP / Unix / Oracle) environments, and an application subject to Sarbanes-Oxley with $5.6B in global annual transactions.
  • Drafted the project plan implemented to change the warranty parts return applications (PEARS / PBOW), effecting cost recovery and reduced parts return time. Developed the framework for demonstrating the project's cost recovery, and assisted with developing metrics which showed that the project resulted in cost recovery of an additional $350K to $500K per month for the USA market alone, while driving a behavioral change that resulted in decreased parts return time.
  • Developed the high level work-plan for the Warranty Information Asset Defragmentation ("IA Defrag") ID & Assess phase (including deliverable prioritization and project dependencies in cooperation with the PTG).
  • Devised and implemented the plan that resolved an $87.6M error that resulted from erroneous data furnished by an upstream system.
  • Reduced queue of open production support issues by 60% while simultaneously reducing batch completion times by nearly two hours.
  • Led an IT Business Process Re-Engineering ("BPR") effort; Utilizing Information Technology Infrastructure Library ("ITIL") and Six Sigma (6-Sigma), developed a change control tool and process (230_eTracker), which was identified as a "best practice". This web based tool effectively replaced change request forms, records & documents approvals, provided a change control register, and was adopted as the template for rollout to organizations throughout IT.
  • Led the first team to pilot the 230_eTracker used across FCSD IT by over 100 applications.
  • Developed key metrics and graphs for resource productivity levels, application dependencies, and business "value-add" (now used by other FCSD application teams and management, to optimize outsourcing efforts to India).
  Ford Consumer Services Division (FCSD) - Process Technology Group (PTG)
> BUSINESS ANALYST - (01/2005 - 04/2005)
  • Drafted and coordinated implementation of the "Warranty Parts Return Task Force" plan which subsequently resulted in cost recovery of approximately $6M annually.
  • Leveraged Six-Sigma tools to determine "root cause" business and system process gaps in an undocumented process involving interaction between ten (10) systems spanning both mainframe and web environments (including MVS, COBOL, DB2, Windows, ASP, Unix, Oracle).
  • Promoted as a result of these efforts.
  Ford Human Resources Data Warehouse (HRDW) - Process Technology Group (PTG)
> BUSINESS ANALYST / PROGRAM MANAGER - (06/2004 to 01/2005)
  • Received Ford's highest performance rating of "Outstanding" for efforts during this rotation, marking placement in the top 4% to 5% of IT salary grade employees.
  • Stewarded and prioritized over 20 projects (utilizing BusinessObjects, PeopleSoft HRMS, and Oracle DB), which became global Ford corporate initiatives.
  • Developed HRDW cost allocation strategy and presentation, addressing new projects, production support, and service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Created a resource allocation matrix which was used as the basis for developing a 5-year HRDW cost projection with detailed annual breakdown of production support costs, disk costs, development costs, and head count requirements.
  • Developed PRISM decommission strategy (for a global application built on the legacy FOCUS DB/reporting platform). Deliverables included the business case, presentation, and prioritized migration strategy with cost estimates (including disk space requirements, ETL factors/costs, report costs, interface costs, cost/benefit matrix and ranking, and 10-year project summary with net present value of spend/savings). Deliverables were used as the basis for future strategy.
  Ford Human Resources Data Warehouse (HRDW) - Application Development Services (ADS)
> BUSINESS ANALYST / DEVELOPER - (02/2004 - 06/2004)
  • Received Ford's highest performance rating of "Outstanding" for efforts during this rotation, securing position in the top 4% to 5% of IT salary grade employees.
  • Supported migration of the "Compensation Planning" application from the legacy NetD platform.
  • Co-created a proposed solution which included requirements, licensing issues, risks/assumptions, and a cost/timing estimate by resource and project month.
  • Supported migration of the "Jobs Online" application from the legacy NetD platform.
  • Co-created the conceptual data model and two alternative proposed solutions (direct extract to Data Mart versus CIF layer) with a cost/timing estimate by resource and project month for each.
  • Supported migration of the "HR Online Transactions Measurements" application from the legacy NetD platform.
  • Co-created a proposed solution for decommissioning which included requirements, risks/assumptions, disk sizing estimates, and a cost/timing estimate by resource and project month.
  Ford GT Engineering Team - Product Development (PD)
> PROJECT MANAGEMENT ANALYST - (08/2003 to 02/2004)
  • Automated tracking of the flagship Ford GT's parts' authority status.
  • Coordinated efforts to create optional performance parts for the Ford GT "super car"; solicited feasibility and bids from suppliers for a list of 35 post-sale options, and tracked progress.
  • Served as Ford GT Team liaison for European Homologation project to convert approximately 80 vehicles to Euro-spec.
  • Served as single point of contact for all production status data gathered for top-level MR7 management review and All-Hands Meeting.
  Ford Marketing Sales and Service (MS&S) - Application Development Services (ADS)
> BUSINESS ANALYST / DEVELOPER - (01/2003 to 07/2003)
  • Performed business/systems analysis and JSP / J2EE development for Ford's Lincoln Premier Experience ("LPE") and Mercury Advantage ("MA") applications, and lead the Function Point Analysis of LPE / MA applications.
  • Created business and technical specs to eliminate functional redundancy in the LPE / MA application process and add additional audit functionality to the LMAT web based application.
  • Co-developed the JSP / J2EE code to implement the audit functionality in this LPE / MA administrative application.
  Ford Worldwide Direct Market Operations (WDMO) - Application Development Services (ADS)
> BUSINESS ANALYST / SYSTEMS ANALYST (Summer Graduate Internship) - (05/2002 to 08/2002)
  • Recommended and designed a revised systems' process in an integrated environment (involving multiple IBM mainframe and Unix systems, DB2, Oracle, and PERL), which permitted decommissioning an application and resulted in annual cost savings of thousands of dollars.
  • Contributed to a 6-Sigma project by recommending and designing a revised system specification that eliminated functional redundancy.
  • Offered full-time employment and accepted into the prestigious Ford College Graduate Program.
University of Florida (UF) - Gainesville, FL

2000 - 2002

  • Served as webmaster for the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP).
  • Created a dynamic web-based member database application for the AITP organization utilizing ASP, VBScript, and SQL. The application included password protected, web-enabled administration of member records and dues.
  • Completed orientation in JCL, COBOL, DB2, SAS, and JAVA at the University of Florida's Information Systems Department.
  • Worked as an analyst/programmer on a web-based "Travel Reimbursement" JAVA application containing over 100 classes. Debugged the JAVA classes of the web front-end for this integrated application which utilized WebSphere on AIX/Unix servers, and CICS to DB2 on an IBM OS/390 mainframe.
  • Served as teaching assistant for "Programming in C" and "Programming in COBOL" courses. Managed tutoring, writing, debugging, and grading programs in courses with enrollment of 50 to 250 students.
  • Provided private tutoring in "C", COBOL, HTML, XHTML, ASP, JAVA, and VB.
University Management, Inc. (UMI) - Gainesville, FL

1988 - 1998

> VICE-PRESIDENT / BROKER (1991 to 1998)
> GENERAL MANAGER (1988 to 1991)
  • Supervised, managed and budgeted for property management accounts containing over 1,000,000 square feet of gross leasable area, 1,000 units, and ten condominium and home-owners' associations.
  • Managed bid solicitation, contract negotiation, contract performance monitoring, and supervision of leasing, bookkeeping, and maintenance staff (operating in three states).
  • Performed management services for the special assets departments of numerous banks and served as a property's court-appointed receiver at the request of the mortgagee in possession.
  • Increased the company's annual revenue by over $400,000 during third year of employment, by winning new management contracts and clientele.
  • Served instrumental role in forming a real estate sales company as an adjunct to the existing property management firm, in order to provide sales marketing services to its clients.
  • Brokered over 100 property sales including residential, office, retail, and industrial property types. Notable sales include a 22,086 square foot retail center and a 14,800 square foot residence (the largest single family dwelling ever constructed in Gainesville, at the time of sale).
  • Brokered the company's acquisition of a foreclosed retail shopping center that, via increased leasing revenue, appraised for over $1,000,000 more than the company's purchase price within one year of settlement.
  • Led the marketing efforts which increased occupancy from 7% to 100% within one year.
  • Brokered the company's acquisition of a partially developed, foreclosed multi-family complex that, via increased leasing revenue and subdividing, increased the property's value by over $600,000 within one year of settlement.
  • Provided set up, training, and maintenance of the accounting application's G/L, A/R, and A/P modules.
United States Air Force & Department of Defense - Langley Air Force Base, VA

1982 - 1988

> COMPUTER OPERATOR (Civil Service) (1986 to 1988)
  • Served as computer operator on a Honeywell Level 6 mainframe computer using the GCOS operating system and remote instrument control application software written in Honeywell's Delta Fortran.
  • Functioned as the youngest civil service employee in the USAF Tactical Air Command to hold this position.
  • BMT Honor Graduate with responsibilities for maintenance and repair of electronic instrument controls.
  • Promoted to computer operator's position during last year of service.
  • PMP Exam Prep Course, RMC Project Management
  • Managing Information Technology Projects, ESI International and George Washington University
  • Managing Risk, General Motors University
  • Microsoft Project Fundamentals
  • Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) 300, 400, 500, and 800 series courses including IREM's advanced financial analysis course
  • Use Case Modeling for Business Analysis
  • Essentials of IBM Rational Software Modeler v7.0
  • Mastering Requirements Management With Use Cases
  • Architecting Chordiant Solutions, General Motors University
  • Essentials of Rational Software Architect
  • Mastering Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML2
  • Requirements Management With Requisite Pro
  • Classic Solution Delivery Methodology (SDM) Detailed Training
  • Consumer Driven 6-Sigma Training
  • JAVA Programming using the JAVA2 Environment
  • JAVA Server Pages and Servlets
  • Using XML in JAVA Applications
  Graduate level coursework completed also includes:

• Java/C++, Computer-based Business Management
• Business Telecom Strategy & Applications I, II, & III
• Business Database Design & Development I & II
• Advanced Systems Design & Development I & II
• E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management
• Management Information Systems

• Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decisions
• Managerial Quantitative Analysis I & II
• Optimization in Simulation Modeling
• Web Programming
• Business Objects I
• Visual Basic

  • Programming:
    Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, COBOL, PAL, SQL, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, PERL, and XHTML.

  • Application & Development Tools / Software:
    Rational Software Modeler/Architect, Rational Requisite Pro, MetaStorm Provision, iRise, WebSphere Application Developer (WSAD), Forté for Java, Visual Age, Visual Studio .Net, Visual Studio 6, BusinessObjects, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server 2000, Access, Paradox, Serena ChangeMan, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Visible Analyst, Rational Rose, Visio, Micrografx, iGrafx, Yardi, Arena, Minitab, Lotus-123, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word.
  • Two-time winner of "OnStar President's Award" in 2009.
  • Recipient of Ford's "IT ADS Outstanding Contributor Award".
  • Former Director/Secretary, Board of Directors, Institute of Real Estate Management's (IREM) Chapter 86.
  • Former IREM Education Liaison to the Gainesville Apartment Association (GAA).
  • Inducted into the Golden Key National Honor Society, the international business honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma, and the international honor society, Phi Theta Kappa.
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