Jazz History Musicians 1920's Style

Anyone who is anyone knows about the " Roaring Twenties" also known as the Jazz Age.

"Jazz is the art of expression set to music. It is said to be the fundamental rhythms of human life and man's contemporary reassessment of traditional values." Jazz was the most influential music during the Harlem Renaissance.Jazz was dominent during the 1920's that, that era was known as the Jazz Age,The Golden 20's & Roaring Twenties

The 1920's was a huge decade for the phenomena known as Jazz. Due to the closing of the seaport in New Orleans, musicians were forced to travel up the Mississippi to find work. Two of the cities most affected by this move were Chicago and New York. In the 1920's there was a rapid migration of Jazz artists from Chicago, which brought about the "Chicago style". the Chicago Style emphasized the soloist parts of jazz and added the use of Saxophones which brought about thicker and more complex, tense rhythms.

One of the most famous jazz musicians of all time. Louis Daniel Armstrong from New Orleans, Louisiana,had amazing talents as a trumpeter, cornet player, and singer during the Jazz Age.

With Jazz came about popularity within vaious categories such as:
Jazz Styles