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GRW3102 (x1511): Survey of Greek Literature II

Greek Novel

Monday-Wednesday-Friday 7th period
MAT 0007

Instructor: Dr. Eleni Bozia
Office: Dauer 125c
Phone: 352 392 2075

Office Hours: MWF 4th period


  • Longus' Daphnis and Chhloe, by S.S. Byrne & E. P. Cueva (eds.)(Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers) ISBN: 086516593-9 (required)
  • H. Liddell. An Intermediate Greek Lexicon (Oxford University Press) ISBN 0199102066 (recommended)
  • N. Marinone. All Greek Verbs (Duckworth Press) ISBN 0715617729 (recommended)
  • H. Smyth. Greek Grammar (Harvard University Press) ISBN 0674362500 (recommended)

  • Course Description:
    We will be translating and discussing Longus' Daphnis and Chloe in order to reinforce grammatical and syntactical concepts, improve reading skills and also the understanding of Greek literature of this period. Some secondary scholarship will be consulted to gain an overview of the 'renaissance' of Attic prose in the 2nd century A.D, the 'birth' of Greek novel, as well as of the relation between Greeks and Romans at the time and how that reflects on the contemporary literary creations. Once a week one of you will have to make a short (1 page) presentation in class on an aspect of the text we will be covering at the time.

    Course Requirements:

    • Daily preparation of the assigned material is required and necessary. This will also help you succeed in your quizzes and exams.
    • Weekly Quizzes on the material of the previous sessions.
    • Two exams (non-cumulative).
    • Every Friday there will be a presentation and class discussion on different aspects of the history and literature of each period.

    Exam dates: Monday, October 11th and Wednesday, December 8th.

    Late work/makeup work will not be accepted, unless
    appropriate documentation is provided.

    Student Honor Code: All students are responsible for knowing and obeying the student honor code, which can be found in the UF undergraduate catalog on-line.

    Minus grade scale: Frequently Asked Questions

    Participation and Attendance 10%
    Individual Presentation 5%
    Quizzes 45%
    2 Exams 40% (20% each)

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