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About the IKHS

The International Karen Horney Society was founded in 1991 by Bernard J. Paris, Ph.D., and Helen De Rosis, M.D. Bernard Paris has been the Society's director since its inception. The objectives of the Society have been to put people interested in Horney in touch with each other, to keep members informed of developments in Horney theory and Horney studies, and to call Horney's contribution to the attention of those who may not be familiar with it.

In the first half-dozen years of its existence, the IKHS facilitated these objectives by distributing an informative membership directory, publishing a Bulletin, and holding meetings and conferences. International conferences were held in New York in 1993 and Rome in 1994, and there were other meetings of a more local nature. In 1995, the IKHS conducted a four day seminar on "Karen Horney's Theory and Its Applications in Science and Clinical Practice" at the East European Institute of Psychoanalysis in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Society has sponsored translations of Horney's works into Russian and Chinese and has assisted those working with Horney in various parts of the world.

Current Activities

Since 1997, the Society has continued to sponsor translations and to facilitate the study of Horney in countries where materials have been hard to obtain, but it has stopped holding conferences, adding new members, collecting dues, and issuing reports, bulletins, and membership directories. In 2001, the IKHS entered a new phase of activity with the establishment of this website. The objectives of the website are those the Society was originally formed to implement: to help those interested in Horney to become aware of each other, to inform people of developments in Horney studies, and to help people learn about Horney's ideas.


The IKHS no longer formally enrolls members or collects dues, but anyone wishing to be added to the membership directory should send an e-mail to with pertinent information, and his or her entry will be added when this website is next updated. Those who are already in the membership directory posted here, which was current as of 1995, may update their entry via e-mail. Visitors to this website are also invited to contribute to the Bulletin Board, which contains notices pertinent to Horney studies and which will be updated periodically.


Bernard J. Paris has been the Society’s director since its inception in 1991. More information about his work on Horney and his applications of her theory to the study of literature can be found on his personal web site, which complements this one (see Links).

Assistant to the Director

Anthony K. Shin has been serving in the capacity of Assistant to the Director since 2014. He is currently employed as a teacher of English as a foreign language in Seoul, Korea. His major interests include history (of the late Ottoman Empire, Japan, and Korea especially), brain science, and the use of popular fiction as an aid to understanding Horneyan theory.

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