Free Cell Phones For Disabled People

Many disabled people also tend to live on a low income salary. This is because they may not be able to work due to their disability and their only source of income may be from SSI. For people with a disability, a cell phone is a necessary tool. The disabled can quickly make emergency calls should they need help. However, cell phones are not cheap and most plans can cost $50/mo. Disabled people living in low income are already hampered down by other basic expenses and the cost of getting a cell phone would exacerbate their financial situation.

Fortunately, the government helps low income disabled people by offering government sponsored free cell phones for disabled people. These phones are free in order to help low income people make emergency calls. The free minutes are very limited though. It only has about an hour of talk time although you can use 911 as much as you want. The number of minutes that you get depends on the state that you live in.

To get free cell phones for the disabled, you should check with the cellular service provider (Safelink Wireless) that you can qualify. They would need to see your proof of your income such as paystub or W2. Specifically, you need to submit 4 months of consecutive pay stubs, letter from your employer, and the previous year's tax return. If you are getting SSI, food stamps, or public housing assistance, then you can submit dated documentation showing your participation in the program. Not all states have this program though, so you should find out if it is available.

Each year you would need to re-qualify for free cell phones for disabled people. This would include showing proof of your eligibility by showing your W2 and pay stubs again.

When using your free cell phone, you should try to conserve the minutes for real emergencies. The minutes will roll over each month so any unused minutes will accumulate. If you decide to cancel your participation in the cell phones for people with disabilities program, you do not have to return the phone. It is yours to keep.