Patents/technologies at Florida Advanced Manufacturing and System Integration Lab

Additive Manufacturing/Three-Dimensional Printing Related

Extrusion printing

UF Technology #16380 (US Patent 11,207,841 B2, 11,724,460 B2): Nanoclay Support Bath for Liquid Build Material Extrusion 3D Printing Without Rapid Phase Change
UF Technology #16505 (US Patent 11,207,841 B2, 11,724,460 B2): Nanoclay Colloid for Improved Extrusion 3D Printing of Hydrogels
UF Technology #17584 (US Patent 11,426,945 B2): Three-Dimensional Printing of Hydrophobic Materials in Fumed Silica Suspension
UF Technology #17601 (US Patent 10,974,441 B2, 11,724,440 B2): Solvent-Enabled Freeform Additive Manufacturing of Engineering Polymers at Room Temperature
UF Technology #17610 (US Patent 11,413,808 B2, 11,745,412 B2): Cross-Linkable Microgel Composite Matrix Bath for Embedded Bioprinting of Perfusable Tissue Constructs
UF Technology #T17937: Injectable Microgel-based Composite Ink for 3D Bioprinting in Air
UF Technology #T17965 (US Patent 11,759,999 B2): Solvent-Assisted Polymer Direct Printing in Air
UF Technology #T18093: 3D Printing to Fabricate Metal and Advanced Structures at Room Temperature
Inkjet printing UF Technology #15947 (US Patent 11,731,343 B2): 3D Printing of Reactive Materials Using Intersecting Jets

Microsphere and Microcapsule Fabrication Related

Microcapsule fabrication

UF Technology #16820: Coaxial Nozzle Configuration for Double-Layered Capsule Fabrication