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Puerta del Cielo - Volcan Masaya
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Los Gallos No Lloran,

filmed in the village of Masatepe,

showcases the beauty of


its Land,

its People,

and its Culture.

Los Gallos No Lloran is an action film,

that tells the story of how 2 friends

become heroes,

by helping the daughter of a famous cock fighter

settle the score with the

land's most ruthless cock fighter.

The film has breath-taking scenery,

gives an insight into the fierce world of cockfighting,

and a hot soundtrack that includes

latin, hip-hop, techno, and latin rock.


Los Gallos No Lloran

is an indie film shot with a modest budget of just $6,000.

The money went into buying the equipment.

Since there was no crew, no professional actors, and only 1 camera,

the filmmakers, C.M. de la Vega and Andre Pastora,

utilized ingenuity and guerrilla filmmaking

techniques to complete the project.

The purpose of the film

was 2 learn filmmaking first hand

by doing-it-yourself.


The movie is a testament that through


hard work,

and patience,

1 can accomplish anything

they set their minds to.

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