William James Zaragoza

4000 SW 37th Boulevard Apt 314A, Gainesville, FL 32608



Professional Skills

     Molecular Techniques


     Primer design

     Plasmid extractions


     Silicone fabrication


     DNA Purification




     Plasmid construction

     Data Analysis

     Silicone fixation

     Plasmid construction

     Chemical library screens

     FTIR analysis

     UV/VIS Spectroscopy

     Karl Fischer Titrations


The University of Florida                                                                               Bachelors of Science                                                                                                         Major: Microbiology and Cell Science,                                       Expected date of                                                                                                graduation:                                                                                                        December, 2009

3.3 GPA

Relevant Course work: Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Bacterial Genetics, Prokaryotic Cell Structure and Function, Pathogens, Virology, Genomic Sequencing, Basic Biology of Microorganisms, Communicating Complexity in Science




Recipient of the Howard Hughes HHMI research fellowship (G.A.T.O.R.)-Group Advantaged Training of Research                                                                                                  Project: Determining the role of the GacS/GacA two component regulatory system in surface colonization and persistence on oysters

Recipient of a research grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute - $500.00

Interruption of the GacS/GacA regulatory system as a strategy for eliminating pathogen contamination

American Society for Microbiology Regional Meeting                                           1st place – best poster presentation

2009 University of Florida & Morehouse College HHMI Celebration of Undergraduate Creativity in the Arts & Sciences                                                                                             Jointly sponsored by Morehouse College and the University of Florida– Poster presentation by invitation only                                 Interruption of the GacS/GacA regulatory system as a strategy for eliminating pathogen contamination           

 Employment History


Undergraduate Research Fellow (Full time/part time), Ecology Lab at the University of Florida, Genetics and Cancer Research Institute, Gainesville, FL                     Salary: $2500.00 fellowship plus research funding

05/2008 – present


Lab Technician (Part time), Materials Science , Jacksonville, FL                                                         Salary: $8.00/hour

04/2007 – 01/2008


Lab Technician (Part time), Vistakon., Jacksonville, FL

Salary: $15.00/hour

Customer Service Representative (Full time),  Vistakon, Jacksonville, FL 

Salary: $12.00/hour                                                 

 02/2005 –04/2007

        11/2003 – 04/2007