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Being a G.A.T.O.R Fellow at UF

My name is William Zaragoza. I'm an undergraduate in Microbiology and Cell Science with the college of Agriculture and Life Science entering into my senior year. Being 26 years old I'm not your average undergraduate student. After completing my first two years of college I worked as a laboratory technician for a contact lense designer and manufacturer. From this experience I decided I wanted to specialize in a science and add to my quickly expanding toolbelt. The experience made me want to finish school and look into research. 

When I originally came to the University of Florida asa transfer student I knew very  little about the opportunities available to students. The HHMI program introduced me to a plethora of possibilities. Not only has the program enabled me to meet some amazing people, it also also given me a formidable set of skills and experiences, contacts and amazing professional assosicates that will help me further my academic and professional goals.

When I found out about the program I applied and didn't really know what to expect but before I knew it I was gloved, coated, and doing research in microbial ecology, working with pathogens, and doing research of real consequence. This site will explore a little about my experience both as a HHMI undergradute research fellow and as a student at the University of Florida.

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