LAT1122 Latin III                                                                                                 Instructor: Will Bruce

Sec. 0960                                                                                                                                Office: 109 Rolfs

MWF 4                                                                                                                                  Office TBA

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                                                                                                                                                Office #: 294-7996


Course Objectives:

From this course a student should expect to develop the grammar skills to read and understand ancient Latin texts. This should facilitate a better understanding of our own language as well, combined with vocabulary exercises and basic etymological study. Latin is a beautiful and precise language which gives the modern student a better impression of the ancient mind and the very foundations of western culture.

This semester will be especially rigorous and challenging in order to complete the study of the remaining grammatical patterns Wheelock has to offer at a swift pace and to dedicate the latter half of the semester to translation of Virgil’s Aeneid.


Requirements and Activities:

Wielding our reliable Wheelock we will work through the grammar, syntax, and pronunciation of Latin. We will supplement our study with oral parsing exercises and vocabulary drills. Regular quizzes will ensure that you are comfortable with each new grammatical concept and keep up with vocabulary. During the translation half of the course you will be expected to be prepared for class everyday, i.e. having the text prepared. Again, intermittent quizzes at the beginning of class will serve as a further incentive.

Extra credit may be made available intermittently by memorizing ancient verse et cetera.



Some suggestions:

Practice frequently! All students learn in different ways: vocabulary cards, aural training, reading aloud, etc.. The key is repetition. The study of any language is cumulative and thus must be kept up with and reviewed. Before you know it, you’ll be reading and speaking Latin. Bonam fortunam!



Fredrick M. Wheelock and R.A. LaFleur, Wheelock’s Latin (1995).

Anne Groton and James May, Latin Stories (1986).

Goldman and Szymanski, English Grammar for Students of Latin (1993). Optional

Electronic Vocabulary Drill for Wheelock, Centaur Systems. Optional


Grades:                                                                                                  Grading Scale:

45% Exams                                                                                            100-90 = A

15% Quizzes                                                                                            89-80 = B

15% Homework                                                                                      79-70 = C

25% Final                                                                                                 69-60 = D

                                                                                                                  59-     = F


Test        A.D. III NON. FEB. i.e. February 3rd

Test II    A.D. IV KAL. MART.  i.e. February 28th

Test III   A.D. V KAL. APR.  i.e. March 28th

Final      A.D. III KAL. MAI. April 29 7:30-9:30 (Tuesday)


Tentative semester outline:


06   in-class translation

08   diagnostic test

10   ch28 grammar & review

13   ch28 sentences

15   ch29 grammar & review

17   ch29 sentences & diag. test (for real this time)

20   no class

22   ch30 grammar & review

24   ch30 sentences

27   ch31 grammar & review

29   ch31 sentences

31   latin stories


03   Test I

05   ch32 grammar & review

07   ch32 sentences

10   ch33 grammar & review

12   ch33 sentences

14   ch34 & 35 grammar & review

17   ch34 & 35 sentences

19   ch36 & 37 grammar & review

21   ch36 sentences

24   ch37 sentences

26   review and latin stories

28   Test II


03   ch38 grammar & review

05   ch38 sentences

07   no class

10   spring break

12   spring break

14   spring break

17   ch39 grammar & review

19   ch39 sentences

21   ch40 grammar and review

24   ch40 sentences

26   latin stories & review

28   Test III

31   Reading