Prospectus for Quiz on C & P 25-30.GRE1131†††††† ††††††††††† Young


There wonít be any Vocab quiz section as such, but obviously youíll need to know the vocab of 25-30 well (and canít have amnesia about the vocabs before now).

I. Conjugate a verb in middle/passive imperfect or past aorist (first or second).


II.Iíll give you a verb chart, and ask you to do a ďsynopsis,Ē i.e., fill in just one form [probably 1st or 3rd singular] in each box for forms we have had, i.e., every box that is open, except perfects and imperatives.)


III. A. Identify 6 or 7 verb forms : person, number, aspect, mood (if indicative, give tense), voice.


III. B. Translate a few very short sentences where there appear such words as intensive adjective, autou~, 3rd personal pronoun, autou~, and reflexive pronoun, eautou~.,hmwn autwn.


III.C. ??. Translate 4-5 prepositional phrases (easier, not harder ones, from 8-28).??


IV. Translate 5-7 sentences (or multi-sentence selections) from C & P Reading Sentences, 25-30.


V. Translate 5-7 sentences that you havenít seen before.These will emphasize the forms (and new syntax) of 25-30.(As usual, Iíll give a little vocab help if necessary--but you just canít have amnesia about vocab values of rather common words weíve been working with for months [e.g., last time too many people wanted to know meaning of peiqw, eloi, etc.]).