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    Syndicate Presentation Reading List

    Wednesday, September 7

    The Significance of Brown and the Rise of Massive Resistance

    Syndicate #1 Presentation: The Rise of Massive Resistance, 1954-1963
    Numan Bartley, The Rise and Fall of Massive Resistance
    Steven Lawson, Civil Rights Crossroads, 196-216
    Neil McMillen, The Citizens Councils
    Howell Raines, My Soul Is Rested, pp.297-323

    Syndicate #2 Presentation: Little Rock, 1957
    Melba Patillo Beals, Warriors Don’t Cry
    David Chappell, Inside Agitators, pp.97-121
    Pete Daniel, Lost Revolutions, pp.251-283
    John Kirk, Redefining the Color Line, pp.86-138

    Wednesday September 14

    Becoming Martin Luther King: The Road to Montgomery

    Syndicate #3 Presentation: MLK and the Issue of Plagiarism
    Keith Miller, Voice of Deliverance, pp.29-85, 112-141, 186-197
    Various, “On Becoming Martin Luther King Jr. - Plagiarism and Originality,” Journal of American History, 78, (June 1991), pp.11-123
    Richard King, "The Role of Intellectual Histories in the Histories of the Civil Rights Movement", in M. Stokes & R, Halpern (eds), Race and Class in the American South Since 1890, pp.159-180

    Wednesday, September 21


    Syndicate #4 Presentation: Women and the Bus Boycott
    Virginia Foster Durr, Outside the Magic Circle, pp.274-288.
    Jo Ann Robinson, The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It
    Rosa Parks, My Life
    Marissa Chappell, Jenny Hutchinson & Brian Ward, "Dress Modestly, Neatly...As If You Were Going To Church," in Peter Ling and Sharon Monteith, (eds), Gender in the Civil Rights Movement

    Wednesday, September 28

    A Mass Movement Emerges

    Syndicate #5 Presentation: The Founding of SNCC, 1960
    Clayborne Carson, In Struggle, pp.9-30
    Cheryl Lynn Greenberg, A Circle of Trust, pp.18-38
    Fred Powledge, Free At Last, pp.226-250
    Howell Raines, My Soul Is Rested, pp.101-8
    Howard Zinn, SNCC: The New Abolitionists, pp.1-39

    Wednesday, October 5

    Freedom Rides and Albany

    Syndicate #6 Presentation: CORE, SNCC and the Freedom Rides
    Carol Barnes, The Journey From Jim Crow
    Kenneth O'Reilly, Racial Matters, pp.79-97
    Juan Williams, Eyes On the Prize, pp.144-161
    Howell Raines, My Soul Is Rested, pp.109-137, 304-311

    Wednesday, October 12

    1963: Zenith of the Southern Movement?

    Syndicate #7 Presentation: RFK, JFK & MLK, 1960-63
    Carl Brauer, John F. Kennedy and the Second Reconstruction, Chs.4-6
    Mark Stern, Calculating Visions Chs.1-4
    Harris Wofford, Of Kennedy and Kings, pp.151-8
    Arthur Schlesinger, Robert Kennedy, pp.316-334

    Wednesday, November 9

    St. Augustine, Selma, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965

    Syndicate #8 Presentation: The Media and the Civil Rights Movement
    Julian Bond, “The Media and the Movement: Looking Back from the Southern Front,” in Brian Ward (ed), Media, Culture and the Modern African American Freedom Struggle, pp.16-40
    Jenny Walker, “A Media Made Movement?: Black Violence and Nonviolence in the Historiography of the Civil Rights Movement,” in Brian Ward (ed), Media, Culture and the Modern African American Freedom Struggle, pp.169-185
    Brian Ward, Radio and the Struggle for Civil Rights in the South, pp.115-133, 149-181
    Susan Weill, In the Madhouse's Din: Civil Rights Coverage by the Mississippi Daily Press

    Wednesday, November 16

    Alternatives to Nonviolent Direct Action

    Syndicate #9 Presentation: The Deacons for Defense
    Lance Hill, The Deacons for Defense: Armed Resistance and the Civil Rights Movement
    Christopher Strain, Pure Fire: Self Defense as Activism in the Civil Rights Era

    Wednesday, November 30

    The Black Power challenge

    Syndicate #10 Presentation: MLK & the FBI
    David Garrow, The FBI and Martin Luther King Jr
    Kenneth O'Reilly, Racial Matters, 125-155; 242-5; 286-90.
    Philip Melanson, The Martin Luther King Assassination: New Revelations on the Conspiracy and Cover-Up, 1968-1991