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My scholarly interests center on the processes in which ethnic and national identities are produced, re-produced and dissolved. My study of these processes focuses on socio-historical dynamics, power relations, and the juncture of culture and politics.

In my view, boundaries between disciplines in the social sciences and humanities reflect mainly political and economic interests in the academic arena and beyond it. The fortification of these boundaries reflects these interests and has mainly a negative impact on our ability to understand social phenomena.

Therefore, my work blurs the lines between various academic disciplines. Similarly I believe that social studies should be based on more than one method and thus I combine in my work both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.


My work

In my study on Arab soccer in Israel I illustrated how a seemingly innocent arena like sports is in effect a powerful political sphere, which has implications for ethnic, religious, civic and national identification and even political behavior. You can read some articles based on this project here. If you read Hebrew, the book has been published by Magnes Press. The English version will be published in 2007 by Cambridge University Press.

As part of my interest in national identities and national symbols I investigated public debates held in Palestine during period of the British Mandate for a particular Palestinian flag. You can read about this study here.

My recent project dealt with the establishment of Palestinian memorial monuments in Israel. In a forthcoming article in Comparative Studies in Society and History I illustrate how extrernal and internal cross-pressures have made Palestinian commemoration in Israel circuitous, vacillating, and cautious. Although intellectual and political leaders have aspired to nurture Palestinian national identity by building monuments for national martyrs, frequently this national identity has been challenged and even blurred by local and religious allegiances. I argued that the prominence of these allegiances is partly related to the attempts of many Palestinians in Israel to secure their shaky status as citizens by de-politicizing their public image. The traumatizing events of October 2000 have only partly changed these dynamics.



Arab Soccer in a Jewish State: The Integrative Enclave, Cambridge University Press, (forthcoming, 2007).

The Hebrew version was published by Magnes Press, 2006. Outline in French is also available.

Refuzniks Israéliens ("Israeli Refuseniks ? Soldiers who Refuse to Serve in the Occupied Territories " co-authored with Fabienne Messica), Agnès Viénot Edition, Paris (in French, 2003).

Articles in Refereed Journals

"Cautious Commemoration: Localism, Communalism, and Nationalism in Palestinian Memorial Monuments in Israel,? Forthcoming in: Comparative Studies in Society and History.

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?Palestinian Nationalism in the 1940?s: The Sports Column as an Identity Agent,? (in Hebrew), Zmanim, Spring 2000 (70), pp. 15-25.

Chapters in books

?Why did Beit-She?an let Beitar win? Ethnic solidarity, sports ethic,and national ideology,? in: Studies in Contemporary Jewry, Vol. 23, edited by Jonathan Frankel, Peter Medding, Eli Lederhendler, and Ezra Mendelsohn, Oxford University Press (forthcoming, 2008).

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Solicited Articles in Journals

?Threatened Masculinities and Ethnicity in Israeli Soccer,? in: Scholar and Feminist Online, 4 (3), 2006.

?Window of Opportunity in the National Stadium,? (in Hebrew) in: Panim , 25 (Summer 2003), pp.74-81.

?Memory and Identity: The Land Day Monument ,? in ISIM Newsletter (10), July 2002, p. 17.

Book Reviews

Allen J. Scott's "On Hollywood: The Place, The Industry," Contemporary Sociology, Vol. 34 (6), 2005, pp. 644-645.

Motti Regev & Edwin Seroussi ?s ?Popular Music & National Culture in Israel,? Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol. 28 (5 ), 2005, pp. 965-967.

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?Conscience Laundry in Sakhnin,? (in Hebrew) in Y-net , January 8, 2004




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