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  • Beck, Howard, Sue Legg, Elizabeth Lowe and M.J. Hardman. (2008). Aymara on the Internet: A step toward interoperability and user access.  In Austin, Peter K., Bond, Oliver, and Nathan, David (Eds.), Proceedings of Conference on language documentation and linguistic theory.   London: School of Oriental and African Studies, pp. 29-38.
  • Legg, S. Book Review: Teacher Certification Testing. In Journal of Educational Measurement,   1987.
  • Legg, S. Book Review: Teacher Certification Testing. In Journal of Educational Measurement, 1987. 
  • Legg, S. and Algina, J. (Eds.) Cognitive Assessment of Language and Math Outcomes. Ablex Publishing Corporation, Norwood, New Jersey. 1990. 
  • Legg, S. and Buhr, D. The Effect of a Computerized Adaptive Test on Different Examinee Groups. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice. Summer, 1992. 
  • Miller, M.D. and Legg, S. Assessment in a High Stakes Environment. Educational Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice. Summer, 1993. Contract awarded by the Institute of Student Assessment and Evaluation. 
  • Legg, S. Review of Hay Aptitude Test Battery. In Buros Mental Measurement Yearbook.  AN-10072567. 1993. 
  • Wolcott, W. with Legg, S. Overview of Writing Assessment: Theory, Research and Practice. NCTE, Urbana Illinois. 1998. 
  • Schaub,D., Legg,S.Svoronos,S.,Coopman,B.,Sherman,B. Applying TQM in an Interdisciplinary Engineering Course. In Journal of Engineering Education.1999. 
  • Brown, D., assisted by Legg, S. et al. Teaching with Technology. Anker Publishing, Boston, Mass. 2000.
  • Legg, S., Technical Coordinator. Aymara on the Internet. Grant from the U.S. Department of Education, 2004-2007. M.J. Hardman, Principal Investigator.
  • Legg, S., Project Manager. An Accessible Linguistic Research Database of the Endangered Jaqaru and Kawki Languages [ISO 639 jqr] Grant from the National Science Foundation. Award No. BCS-0754550 2008-2011 M.J. Hardman, Principal Investigator.
  • Principal Investigator. Florida Teacher Certification Examination. Florida State Department of Education. Responsibilities include administration, test form development, scoring, reporting and test analysis. 2001. Current Award: $4,200,000. 
  • Principal Investigator. College Level Academic Skills Program. Florida State Department of Education. Responsible for form development, scoring, reporting and test analysis. 1982-2001. Annual Award: $700,000. 
  • Principal Investigator. Development of Licensure Examination Items. Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. 1997. Award: $280,971. 
  • Co-Principal Investigator with Dianne Buhr. Evaluation of PRIME for middle schools in Florida. Florida State Department of Education. 1990-1991. Award: $99,000. 
  • Principal Investigator. Development and Implementation of a Microcomputer Application of the CLAST. Series of contracts from the Institute for Student Assessment and Evaluation and the Department of Education. 1987-1992. Awards: $190,000. 
  • Principal Investigator with Martin Vala and Marvel Townsend. Cost Effective Uses of Technology in Teaching. Grant from the Mellon Foundation, 2000-2003.  $270,000. 
  • Principal Investigator. Assist in the development of a five year plan for Targeted Assessment in Florida. Grant from the Florida State Department of Education. 1991. Award: $25,068. 
  • Principal Investigator. Differential Item Function Analysis for the Florida High School Competency Test. Grant from Florida Department of Education. 1993-1994. 
  • Co-Principal Investigator with David Miller. Development of an Assessment Design for Florida’s Educational Goals #1, #2,#4. Contract from Florida State Department of Education. 1994. Award: $109,345. 
  • Co-Principal Investigator with Alan Moreland. Exchange of Medical Information. Contract from the Veterans Administration  for veterinarians engaged in research projects. 1980-85. 
  • Principal Investigator.  Development of a Score Scale for the SSAT-II High School Graduation Test. Florida Department of Education.  1984-92. 
  • Principal Investigator.  Implementation of Tasks for the State Student Assessment Tests for grades 10, 11, 12 and adults. 1985-87. $1,600,000.
  • Co Principal Investigator with Pat Dovell. Development of Test Specifications and Items for the Florida College Basic Skills Exit Test. Contract from the Florida Department of Education. 1997-present. 
  • Principal Investigator. Factors that Influence Career Choices. Florida Board of Regents. 1994. 
  • Principal Investigator. Issues in High Stakes Alternative Assessment. Grant from the Institute of Student Assessment and Evaluation.  1991. 
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