An introduction

Hello, My name is Shivakeshavan, that's "Shiva" + "Keshavan"(in short Shiva). This page is about me and my work. Alot of people also ask me what the deal with the term "warper" is. There is no big deal. I chose it as a nick to indicate the ability to change things (Yes we can :P). To warp does not necessarily mean to change things for the worse. I chose to let it represent the ability to modify things for the better but at an incredible rate. Of course all this ideology was during middle school... Now I just like the way it sounds.

I am currently a graduate student doing my MS at the University of Florida, Gainesville. I am majoring in Electrical and Computer engineering. This page is about my academic interests as well as my hobbies.

The projects page lists the projects I created during my undergraduate and graduate years. The current projects listed were done in C++ though with the courses I have been taking you should soon be seeing projects done in matlab and vhdl.

The Articles page consists of my short works of fiction and poems.

The Miscellaneous page will most likely contain stuff like code snippets that were not big enough to make it into the projects listing, short articles and interesting photo snaps.

The About page gives general information about me and contact information.

Thank you for visiting.