I am a Postdoctral Scientist in the salathe group in the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics at the Penn State University.

I investigate the human movement pattern and the movement of diseases on various scales of transport networks, and their ecological, environmental and social-economic impacts. Location-based social network analysis, remote sensing, twitter data, GIS and spatial analyses are all exploited for disease transportation modeling and epidemic monitoring and prediction. I construct information systems that integrate and synthesis complementary disease map and utilized web-based GIS techniques to visualize the disease transmission network and facilitate decision making for public health agents.

I am passionate about disseminating GIS knowledge. I have taught three different courses: Geography in the Changing World, Map and Graph, and Urban Geography. I was awarded a departmental teaching award in University of Florida in 2010.

My research has been featured in CNN [1], Nature [2] and Scientific American [3,4].

My long CV is presented here.


Vector Borne Disease Movement

Africa Infectious Diseases (AID) database

D4D - Data for Development, Cote D'ivoire

Application of Google Earth Engine on Urban Dynamics in Africa

Cellphone Trajectories Analysis in Namibia

Location-based Social Network in Sewofontein, South Africa

Disease Movements

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Location-based social network analysis

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Remote sensing and fractal analysis

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Tatem A.J. and Huang Z., Mapping and monitoring urban spatial dynamics in Africa using the Google Earth Engine. (In preparation)

If you would like to know more about my research, are interested in collaborating, or have a question, I can be contacted at:

Zhuojie Huang
3141 Turlington Hall
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611