Wetlands Near You. Aerial photo courtesy of the SeaWIFS project, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, and ORBIMAGE.

Collier County

This county wetlands map includes wetlands designated by the National Wetlands Inventory.

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Picayune Strand State Forest Bird Rookery Swamp


Using the map

  • To see city and road landmarks before making your selection, check the "Add cities and major roads" layer.
  • For in-depth information about each public-access wetland, click on a heron.


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If you are looking for more detail

These maps are meant to help identify general wetland areas in your county. They are NOT designed to locate wetlands on a specific piece of property or parcel. The only accurate way to determine whether wetlands exist on your property is to have a wetland evaluation (called a delineation) performed on site by the State or a qualified consultant who has verified it with the State.

If you are looking for more detailed maps, try the following sites:

Online Wetlands Mapper, part of the National Wetlands Inventory. These web-based maps allow visitors to zoom in on specific geographical areas, and toggle more layers off and on. You can also download high resolution GIS shapefiles of specific areas at this site, but will need a viewing program, such as ArcExplorer to display these files.