I'm moving this to wwww.RBermudez.com this page will go down soon, and redirect you to the new site when the new site is complelty done. still working on some of the login, management and database issues with the new site but pls feel free to e-mail any comments or suggestions while I work on the new site. Most of it is already up.

Richard Bermudez
Computer Science UF

 update 2.2.07

New site is basically done just writing up some of the managment system to manage the entire site online, will most likely put the site up some time this week.

OH in case someone is wondering realsharp has been going super slow because it's my last semester and haven't devoted as much time to it...and also I've come up with an idea that I want to implement using C# and the new XNA framework that's coming out pretty soon so i'll be doing that around hte end of the year.

Lewey's Website

My Personal Projects and some ideas: Rest will slowly start to appear on the new website...

Blackbox '04  --PPC app

RealSharp '06    --networking--extended this personal project into senior project...a small part of it worked for senior project that was cool...still working on it...hopefully 100% done at the end of the year--if only class did'nt get in the way...darn it

really roberts idea: VOR CHEAP GPS idea '06-07
--would like to start after RealSharp
it's using the radio beacons to to determine location...similar to how vor work on planes
only make it work on something like a pocketpc...it's an interesting idea...