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Research Groups and Projects
Lightning Protection
Sprites, Jets, and Elves
Lightning Detection
Lightning Injury and Death
Ball Lightning
NASA Sites
Lightning Safety
Lightning on Jupiter
Lightning Photography

Lightning Research Groups and Projects

University of Florida Lightning Research Group

Atmospheric Electricity Home Page Maintained by Monte Bateman

Thunderstorm and Lightning Research at Langmuir Laboratory

The Atmospheric Physics Program Physics Department, New Mexico Tech/Atmospheric Electricity

Langmuir Laboratory for Atmospheric Research

Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity Projects/University of Arizona

Cooperative Institute for Applied Meteorological Studies (CIAMS), Texas A&M University

NSSL Research Topics - Lightning

Atmospheric Physics Research at the University of Mississippi

Radar Meteorology Group, Colorado State University

Severe Thunderstorm Electrification and Precipitation Study

Ground-Based Investigations of Lightning in Support of the FORTE
Satellite/Los Alamos National Laboratory

STARLab Very Low Frequency (VLF) Research Group Home Page

Lightning Group of Osaka University

The Atmospheric Electricity Group (ELAT) of the Brazilian National Institute of Space Research (INPE)

Institute of High Voltage Research, Uppsala University

Power Systems Laboratory (LRE) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL)

Norwegian Center of Knowledge

High Voltage Laboratory, Mississippi State University

High Voltage Laboratory, Ohio State University

Lightning Research Center at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute:

UCLA Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences:

Colorado Lightning Resource Page:

FSU Fuelberg Lab Metereology Research:

National Severe Storms Laboratory Lightning Research:

UNESCO-HP Project - "Piloting Solutions for Alleviating Brain-drain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia and Montenegro":

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Sprites, Jets, and Elves

Red Sprites and Blue Jets/University of Alaska

FMA Research, Inc.

Sprites99 Balloon Campaign/University of Houston

Sprites, Q-Bursts and Positive Ground Strokes

Sprites and Elves/New Mexico Tech

The Physics of High Altitude Lightning by Juan Alejandro Valdivia (Ph.D Thesis)

The Fly's Eye: Fast Photometry of Sprites and Elves, Stanford University:

NASA's Sprite Page:

FMA Research - Sprites, Jets and Elves:

AOGS, Lightning, sprites, and their effects:

Blue Jet Video:

Darwin Sprites at University of Otago, 1997:

Matt Heavner's Sprite and Jet Research Papers:

NATO Advanced Study Institute on Sprites, Elves and Intense Lightning Discharges Corte in Corsica, July 24-31, 2004:

Three Dimensional Simulation of Sprites and Elves, Naval Research Facility:

Coupling of Atmospheric Layers Research Group:

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Ball Lightning

Anatomy of a Lightning Ball, Science News Online:

Ball Lightning, ABC Science News Online:

Max Planck Institute, Ball Lightning in the Laboratory:

Ball Lightning,

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Lightning on Jupiter

Lightning on Jupiter observed in the Ha line by the Cassini imaging science subsystem, Ulyana Dyudina:

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International Electrotechnical Commission


National Severe Storms Laboratory

National Weather Service

National Hurricane Center

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)

Society of Atmospheric Electricity of Japan

Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms:

Australia Severe Weather:

World Weather Information Service:

American Meterological Society:

National Weather Association:

SkyWarn National Homepage:

International Association of Broadcast Meteorology:

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Lightning Detection


Lightning Explorer

Year by Year Bibliography on Real-Time Lightning Detection Networks

Austrian Lightning Detection & Information System (ALDIS)

Météorage, French Lightning Detection Network

Italian Lightning Detection Network

Slovenian Lightning Detection Network


Lightning Detection and Ranging (LDAR) Dataset Summary

LDAR at John F. Kennedy Space Center, FL

The New Mexico Tech 3D Lightning Mapping System

Lightning Detection from Space:

United States Precision Lightning Network:

European Cooperation for Lightning Detection:

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NASA Sites

Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity at the Global Hydrology and Climate Center (GHCC)

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Global Hydrology Resource Center Dataset Descriptions/Lightning

NASA/MSFC/ESSD - Shuttle Lightning Observations

NASA MSFC Systems Analysis and Integration Laboratory (SAIL)/Electromagnetic Effects

Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM)

KSC Fact Sheet "Lightning and the Space Program"

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Lightning Photography

Chuck Doswell's Lightning Photography Page:'s Lightning Gallery:

Jeff Smith's Lightning gallery:

Lightning Photography by Susan Storm:

Electric Skies, Lightning and Storm Photography by Radek Dolecki:

Florida Lightning Gallery by Matthew Kelly:

Lightning Photos:

How to take Lightning Photos, by Matthew Cole:

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Lightning Protection


Lightning Protection Institute (LPI)

IEC Technical Committee N° 81: Lightning Protection

IEC Technical Committee N° 37: Surge Arresters

IEC Subcommittee 37A: Low-Voltage Surge Protective Devices

IEEE Surge Protective Devices Committee

EPRI Solutions

Wind & Sun's Lightning Protection Page:

Lightning Protection Institute:

Lightning Safety Alliance:

Lightning Technologies:

Boating-Lightning Protection:

Lightning Protection for Farms:

United Lightning Protection Association:

West Virginia - Lightning Protection:

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Lightning Injury/Death

Lightning Injury Research Program, University of Illinois at Chicago:

Lightning Fatalities, Injuries, and Damage Reports in the United States from 1959-1994, National Weather Service Forecast Office:

Distributions of Lightning-Caused Casualties and Damages Since 1959 in the United States, University of Illinois at Chicago:

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Lightning Safety

Lightning Incidents, National Lightning Safety Institute:

When lightning strikes people, NASA:

National Weather Service: Lightning—The Underrated Killer:

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"Petrified Lightning" from Central Florida Event, Camp Landing, FL:

Microclimate Senesor and image acquisition networks:

Lightning Induced Over Voltage (LIOV) Code

Matt Heavner's Los Alamos National Laboratory Page:

ONERA, Lightning Strike to Aircraft

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