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My name is Nuri Yeralan. I'm a CISE PhD student studying high performance computing and graph theory at the University of Florida. My PhD advisor is Dr. Timothy Alden Davis. I worked at Sage Software as a Software Architect for two years. Prior to Sage, I worked at MindSolve Technologies as a Web Developer for five years.

I love anything outdoors including diving, camping, climbing, rafting, riverboarding, sailing, fishing, bmx, mtb, downhill, sky, paragliding, and big air. I participated in the 2008 Ekstremsportveko in Voss, Norway.

I served on the 2012-2013 UF Mission Statement Task Force.

I was a UF Graduate Teaching Award recipient for the 2012-2013 academic year.

I was the 2012-2013 President of ASCIE, UF's CISE graduate student organization.


Spring 2013 · COP4331 Object-Oriented Programming · Office Hours: Appt only

Fall 2012 · COP2800 Introduction to Java Programming

Spring 2012 · CGS2531 Problem Solving Using Computer Software

Fall 2011 · CGS2531 Problem Solving Using Computer Software

Spring 2011 · CIS6930 Sparse Matrix Algorithms

Fall 2010 · COT3100 Applications of Discrete Structures

Spring 2010 · CGS2531 Problem Solving Using Computer Software

Fall 2009 · CGS2531 Problem Solving Using Computer Software

Research Projects

For my doctoral research, I'm working on the following projects:

Other Projects

Here's a list of other projects that I've worked on:

  • GPU-Accelerated BFS
  • GPU-Accelerated Conway's Game of Life
  • Procedural terrain generation
  • Onset detection
  • Content-aware image resizing
  • OpenGL painterly rendering