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Life is too important to be taken seriously. --Oscar Wilde

Course Info

Course: ENG 1131
Section: 6259
Room: CBD 110B, Weil 410
Time: T 5-6, R 6 & W E1–E3

Instructor: Nicholas Guest-Jelley
Office: TUR 4415
Office Hours: TR 7 and by appointment

ENG 1131: Final Project Description

Final Project due Tuesday, April 28

The Final will contain two sections:


* Projects 1-3


Revise all of the previous projects to update them to your current level of expertise. You'll want to show me that you've learned the HTML techniques throughout the semester and have become adept at using them.


The reviews can be included in the gallery or separately from them. You should have at least one entry for each project. Write at least 3 paragraphs of commentary per entry. Discuss what you were trying to achieve and how you accomplished your goals or where it fell short. Also reflect on how your thinking toward your event evolved throughout the semester and how that shows up in the projects. Finally, reflect on the process of creating the projects and revising them. What did it help you learn about your point of view toward the event, your creative style and attitude toward learning?

Gallery of projects:

Creat a gallery of the sites and videos you've created and revised. There is no need to post both the original and the revision. Revise the projects with hindsight and my comments in mind. Unify your projects according to your point of view or state of mind about the event. The projects can be arranged in any order, but the sequence of pages should be organized to show the development of your thinking about your event.

Project Design:

You've been assigned a minimum of 17 web pages, you may have completed less if you made a video. To do your best on the final, you'll want to consider how to improve them all to show the breadth and depth of your learning throughout the semester.