Mineralogy and crystal chemistry of zeolite and clay minerals


We have been conducting a series of investigations of the mineralogy of zeolite and clay minerals that occur in low-grade metabasalts of the North Atlantic Igneous Province and in alkaline intrusive complexes.  These studies involve detailed chemical analysis of secondary mineral parageneses (largely by electron microprobe) and spectroscopic and diffraction analysis of mineral structures.  Specific problems we are addressing include:

1) Short, intermediate, and long range ordering in zeolites (the subject of my postdoctoral research with J. Stebbins)-we are using solid state MAS NMR of 29Si and 17O to quantify the distribution of bond types and Si-Al site occupancies in natural zeolites

2) Depth and time distribution of clay and zeolite compositions in North Atlantic Tertiary basalts (with Th. Fridriksson)

3) Structural models of solid solutions in zeolites for use as a basis for thermodynamic mixing models

4) Characterization of ordering state and chemistry of zeolites in alkaline intrusive complexes (e.g., Mont St. Hilaire, Ilimaussaq) in order to assess zeolite stability at high temperatures

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Useful Websites:

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Mineralogical Society of America Crystal Structure Database-comprehensive list of crystal structures  reported in American Mineralogist
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Last Revised: 15 February 2002