The Parabola

Lesson 2: Shifting the Vertex of a Parabola


To shift the vertex of a parabola from (0, 0) to ( h , k ), each x in the equation becomes ( x - h ) and each y becomes ( y - k ) .

So if the axis of a parabola is vertical , and the vertex is at ( h , k ), we have

If the axis of a parabola is horizontal , and the vertex is at ( h , k ), the equation becomes

Let's have an example of converting quadratic equations from polynomial form to vertex form.

This will help you find the maximum or minimum values of the quadratic equations.

Practice with simulations-please read all instructions before starting.

1. Please print out Worksheet 1

2. Click on Explorelearning site. Choose vertical/ horizontal for your work and select a, h, k with the worksheet.

3. Use the back button to go back to this.

This is the simulator that you are going to work in Explorelearning site

The graph of 0.12 = x + 2.7

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