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On this page you will find a selection of articles I have written and, mostly, published both in print and online. From travel guides, belly dancing and mountain climbing to extreme weather and scientific research, it's all here.

"See the Everglades: two ways in two days"

Published: Miami.com, The Miami Herald - July 2007  |  [Link to published article]

No trip to the region is complete without a journey through the lush, subtropical wilderness of the Everglades. Although the Glades lacks towering mountains, gaping canyons or majestic waterfalls, this national park – the third largest – is perhaps more remarkable.

Its 1.5 million acres of water, sawgrass, mangroves and teardrop-shaped tree clusters comprise...- Read more at Miami.com-

"A tourist trip through the Everglades"

Published: Miami.com, The Miami Herald - July 2007  |  [Link to published article]

Use this itinerary to spend a day in the Glades as any tourist should: skimming the shallow waters by airboat, exploring the park by tram and sampling frog and fish food fare.

US 41, better known as Tamiami Trail, runs along the northern boundary of Everglades National Park and through the neighboring Big Cypress Reserve. If you’re coming from the west coast...- Read more -

"A nature-lover's day in the Glades"

Published: Miami.com, The Miami Herald - July 2007  |  [Link to published article]

Use this itinerary to explore the Glades' natural glories by foot, bike or kayak -- preferably in the dry season months from November to April, when wildlife is most plentiful.

Although a portion of this excursion is on Tamiami Trail, most of the spots that allow you to get closer to nature are found inside...- Read more -

"Our marvelous museums"

Published: Miami.com, The Miami Herald - June 2007  |  [Link to published article]

The ever-expanding mosaic of Miami arts and culture offers plenty of visual stimulation, cultural expression and intellectual exploration to pique anyone's interest.

From the eclectic Art Deco District of Miami Beach to downtown's haven for refined art and design, there's a gallery and collection for every taste. Brush up on Florida's rich history and cultural diversity...- Read more at Miami.com -

"Miami Wild"

Published: Miami.com, The Miami Herald - July 2007  |  [Link to published article]

Tourists and families flock from all over the world to see exotic species in Miami and South Florida. (And no, we're not just talking about South Beach wildlife.)

All manner of furry, feathered, scaled and slimy creatures thrive in South Florida's subtropical climate, which enables local parks, zoos and aquariums to recreate everything from coral reefs to the Amazon rainforest. If you like monkeys, there's an entire jungle just for you...- Read more at Miami.com -

"20 great parks, 20 great outings"

Published: Miami.com, The Miami Herald - June 2007  |  [Link to published article]

From suburb to city to ocean strip, Miami parks offer natives and tourists the chance to explore tropical life, relax in nature or try something new. The local park scene boasts sunny beaches, exotic rainforests, modern art, lush mangroves, water sports, and even intense domino games. There's something for everyone: outdoor or indoor, on ocean or land. Below are our 20 favorite park picks...- Read more at Miami.com -

"Parkinson's researchers get grant"

Published: The Independent Florida Alligator - November 11, 2005

Judy Whitmore was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at the age of 54. Six years later, she can still make par on the golf course.

Whitmore is one of hundreds with Parkinson's disease who have benefited from participating in therapy and clinical research at UF's Movement Disorders Center and the McKnight Brain Institute...- Read more -

"Survivor fights cancer with smoke-free jazz lounge"

Published: The Independent Florida Alligator - July 30, 2005

The smooth sounds of jazz flowed through the low roar of the crowd. Men and women clustered together, chatting, laughing and savoring an atmosphere unlike any other in Gainesville.

TC's Smoke-free Jazz and Funk Dance Lounge opened Friday night at Steve's Cafe Americain, featuring live jazz music, a funk band and dancing without the usual haze of cigarette smoke...- Read more -

"Alachua woman opens teen-outreach community center"

Published: Alligator.org, The Independent Florida Alligator - July 18, 2005

D.J. Chandler started running away from home when she was only 12 years old.

Her father was an alcoholic, her mother had little time for her, and there was no one in the school or community who would help her. Chandler's experiences would later push her to improve her life and the lives of others..- Read more -

"Plein air" artists capture Alachua outdoors"

Written for JOU3101: Reporting - July 30, 2005

She held her brush in the air like she was conducting a symphony.

Three stories in the air on top of the Paynes Prairie observation tower, professional painter Linda Blondheim and her four friends huddled over their easels and stretch canvases as the wasps and bees hovered near them in the summer heat...- Read more -

"Ethnic dance students 'hip'-notize locals"

Written for JOU3101: Reporting - July 31, 2005

The soft chiming of finger cymbals, jingling of jewelry and rustle of taffeta could be heard from backstage as the audience waited for the show to begin.

An afternoon of hip-shaking and belly-grooving was to come for about 50 people who attended Ethnic Dance Expressions School of Belly Dance's Third Annual "Veils and Visions Revue" at the India Cultural and Education Center on Sunday...- Read more -

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