Portfolio 2.0 - public release!

Finally, I have redesigned my portfolio site to fit in more with the times. While my old site was nice, I felt it was definitely starting to look archaic, especially with all of the rounded corners and gradients floating around information superhighway these days thanks to the Steve Jobsonian culture that has taken over the Web.

My new site has its own share of bells and whistles, but nothing too gratuitous. On the Designs page, you will see each section of my work divided using a handy JavaScript accordion script, developed and graciously shared with me by Dave Stanton, my Advanced Online Media Production instructor at the University of Florida. Each design is showcased in the latest version of JQuery's modal window tool Thickbox. I was inspired by the illustrious Khoi Vinh's use of grids on his site Subtraction.com, and attempted to follow a similar structure as much as possible.

About the header:
I created the header as part of an imagery and typography exercise for an online media class at the University of Florida. I wanted the design of the site to incorporate my experience with print design, and I thought combining elements of print and web/CMYK and RGB would be completely representative of me as a designer and also of the increasing convergence of today's media. Above the header and below the footer are color bars, trim and bleed marks, and also a registration mark. Not only do they demarkate the actual dimensions and colors of the site, but they also pay homage to the proof process of print and graphic design.

About the palette:
I am a big fan of simplicity. Hence, I wanted the foundational colors of the site to be white and black. To jazz it up, I've added Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and BlacK as accent colors. The only colors used on the site (excluding images) are those created with tints and shades of those four colors, as shown in the image to the left.

Melissa Garcia / words + designs