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Believe it or not, you most likely have ALREADY TRIED THEM!
Most people, whether they know it or not, consume over a pound of insects in their lifetime.
Weevils, Flour beetles, and other insects that infest granaries end up getting milled with the grain.
Now you know what those tiny black specks in your piece
of bread are! Insects can also be found in canned fruits and vegetables, some beverages, and some processed food.
But what about those insects many LOVE TO EAT?
Well, you can always find out more about Entomophagy. Yep, that’s the fancy word for insect eating…so check it out!

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More info on edible bugs in East Africa at http://ss.jircas.affrc.go.jp/kanko/newsletter/nl1998/no.14/yagi.html

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