* Hobbies *

Claibourne about to jump out of a plane

I've always dreaded filling out a "hobbies" portion of an application because I never really know what to write. I used to collect teapots and beanie babies when I was young. I have about 10 miniature tea sets from all around the world. I have about 200 beanie babies that are collected in four large bins that sit in a closet at my parent's house. Those hobbies just don't come across as responsible or trustworthy. Oh well! As a college student, I donít really collect anything. Let's face it; I donít have the money to! I have found some other activities that have peaked my interests lately. Recently, I went skydiving for the first time and would love to do it again. The picture to the left is of me about getting ready to jump out of a perfect good airplane. It was such an invigorating rush and completely worth the big stomach ache beforehand. Iím also hoping to get my scuba license within the next couple of months. Iím going to the Florida Keys in March and I hope to be certified by then.