Art History
Scavenger Hunt
 You are on a scavenger hunt to find famous works of art.  Use the links below to answer the questions. Then answer the big question at the end. Use your answers to complete the crossword to finish the scavenger hunt!
NGA Kids
Adventures in Art History
Leonardo's Workshop
Destination Modern Art
1. Use the first link to Zoom to learn about a famous American portrait: What makes this portrait so interesting? Who is it by?
2. Follow the prompts to Adventures in Art History: Name the artist, the style, the place, and the subject of the painting you are stuck in.
3. Visit Leonardo's Workshop:  What painting does Da Vinci have in his workshop?
4. Visit the Destination Modern Art and follow the prompts: What artist wrote letters to his brother Theo?
5. Visit the Destination Modern Art and follow the prompts: What artist was part of a group called "The Futurists"?
6.Visit the Destination Modern Art and follow the prompts:  What is surrealist art inspired by?

How are paintings influenced by the artist and the time it was created in?
1.   What artist was part of the group called (2 words)
3.   Fingerprints were visible on this painting (3 words)
5.   Created the painting (2 words)
7.   Da Vinci way with light and shadow was called
8.   Frida Kahlo's paintings are called what?

2.   Van Gogh was considered a ______ in terms of his artistic style (2 words)
4.   Ginever de' Benci was the only portrait created by this artist in the western hemisphere (3 words)
6.   Umberto Boccioni was born where
9.   Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most brilliant artists and scienctists of the
10.   What artist was in a serious bus accident at the age of (2 words)
4 5
7 8