Joseph V. Terza

Professor of Epidemiology and Health Policy Research
Professor of Economics
University of Florida
Rm 5278 1329 Building, SW 16th Ave
PO Box 100147
Gainesville, FL 32610
352-265-0111 ext. 85068

Health Economics, Applied Econometrics

Curriculum Vitae

Recent Publications:

  • Knapp, C., Shenkman, E.A, Marcu, M., Madden, V., and Terza, J.V. “Pediatric Palliative Care: Describing Hospice Users and Identifying Factors that Affect Hospice Expenditures,” Journal of Palliative Medicine, in press.
  • Terza, J.V., "Parametric Nonlinear Regression with Endogenous Switching," Econometric Reviews, 28, 555-580.
  • Stuart, B.C, Doshi, J., and Terza, J.V. (2009): AAssessing the Impact of Drug Use on Hospital Costs,@ Health Services Research, 44, 128-144.
  • Krause, J.S., Terza, J.V. and Dismuke, C.E. (2008):  AEarnings Among People with Spinal Cord Injury,” Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 89, 1474-1481.
  • Terza, J.V., Basu, A., and Rathouz, P. (2008):  ATwo-Stage Residual Inclusion Estimation:  Addressing Endogeneity in Health Econometric Modeling,Journal of Health Economics, 27, 531-543.
  • Terza, J., Bradford, W.D. and Dismuke, C.E. (2008):  “The Use of Linear Instrumental Variables Methods in Health Services Research and Health Economics:  A Cautionary Note,@ Health Services Research, 43, 1102-1120.
  • Terza, J., Kenkel D.S., Lin, T., and Sakata, S. "Care-Giver Advice as a Preventive Measure for Drinking During Pregnancy: Zeros, Categorical Outcome Responses, and Endogeneity," Health Economics, 17 (2008), 41-54.
  • Shea, D.G., Terza, J.V., Stuart, B.C., and Briesacher, B. (2007):  “Estimating the Effects of Prescription Drug Coverage for Medicare Beneficiaries,” Health Services Research, 43, 933-949.

Submitted Papers:

  • “Predicting CT Use in Inpatient Data: An Application of Detection Control Estimation," (with Libby Dismuke, David Bradford and Andy Kleit) revised and resubmitted to Medical Care.
  • Aydede, S.K., Terza, J.V., Sappington, D.E.M, Vogel, W.B., Erten M.Z.,  and Shenkman, E.A., “Health Plan Exits And Disenrollment In The State Children’s Health Insurance Programs,” submitted to Health Care Financing Review.
  • Krause, J.S., Terza, J.V. and Dismuke, C.E.:  “Post Injury Employment and Job Retention:   A Two Component Model of Employment after Spinal Cord Injury,” submitted to Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


Other Selected Papers:


  • Terza, J. (2006):  “Estimation of Policy Effects Using Parametric Nonlinear Models:  A Contextual Critique of the Generalized Method of Moments,” Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology, 6, 177-198.
  • Terza, J.V. (2002):  "Alcohol Abuse and Employment: A Second Look" Journal of Applied Econometrics, 17, 393-404.
  • Kozlowski, L., G., Strasser, Giovino, G., Erickson, P., and Terza, J. (2001): "Applying the Risk/Use Equlibrium: Use Medicinal Nicotine Now for Harm Reduction," Tobacco Control, 10, 201-203.
  • "The Effect of Physician Advice on Alcohol Consumption: Count Regression with an Endogenous Treatment Effect," (with D. Kenkel). Journal of Applied Econometrics, 16, (2001), 165-184.
  • "Estimating Endogenous Treatment Effects in Retrospective Data Analysis," Value in Health, 6, (1999), 429-434.
  • "Estimating Count Data Models with Endogenous Switching: Sample Selection and Endogenous Treatment Effects," Journal of Econometrics, 84, (1998), 129-154.
  • "The Effect of Substance Abuse on Employment Status," Working Paper  (2007).


Recent Grant Funding:


  • Coinvestigator:  "Econometric Study of Schooling, Information, and Smoking"  Supplemental/Revision, (Don Kenkel PI) National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, $229,321, Status:  Funded and in progress.
  • Principal Investigator: “Drug Coverage and Cost Offsets:  Two-Part Models with Endogenous Treatment Effects,” Agency for Health Care Quality and Research, $412,225.  Status:  Funded and in progress.
  • Coinvestigator:  “Health Plan Turnover and Disenrollment, Health Care Quality and Expenditures in SCHIP,” (Sema Aydede PI) Health Resources and Services Administration, $99,995. (01/01/07 - 12/31/08).  Status:  Completed.
  • Principal Investigator: "A New Method for Measuring the Net Public Health Impact of Increased Access to Alternative Nicotine Delivery Products,” Robert Wood Johnson Foundation- Substance Abuse Policy Research Program, $99,584 (10/01/2005 -- 9/30/2009).  Status:  Funded and in Progress.
  • Coinvestigator:  “Medicare Beneficiary Response to Benefit Gaps versus Actuarially Equivalent Continuous Coverage for Prescription Drugs,” (Bruce Stuart University of Maryland PI) Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Changes in Health Care Financing and Organization Program and AcademyHealth, $141,000. (7/1/06 – 6/31/07).  Status: Completed.
  • Co-Investigator:  “Correcting Under-reporting in HCUP Inpatient Data,” with Libby Dismuke - PI and David Bradford (Center for Health Economic and Policy Studies, Medical University of South Carolina), and Terrence Steyer (Department of Family Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina) Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, $100,000 (7/1/04-6/30/05) Status: Completed.
  • Consultant:  “Evaluation of the Effect of Medicare Drug Policy Decisions on Vulnerable Seniors,”  with Bruce Stuart - PI (School of Pharmacy, University of Maryland), Dennis Shea (Department of Health Policy and Administration, Penn State University), and Becky Breisacher Shea (Department of Health Policy and Administration, University of Massachusetts) The Commonwealth Fund $278,757 (1/1/04-6/30/05).  Status: Completed.
  • Co-Investigator:  “Establishing the Value of Stable Prescription Drug Coverage for Medicare Beneficiaries, “ with Bruce Stuart - PI (School of Pharmacy, University of Maryland), Dennis Shea (Department of Health Policy and Administration, Penn State University), Robert Wood Johnson Foundation $291,000 (1/1/04-6/30/05).  Status: Completed.
  • Co-Investigator:  “Utilization and Cost of Health Services by CDUs,”  with David Bradford-PI and Libby Dismuke and (Center for Health Economic and Policy Studies, Medical University of South Carolina) National Institute on Drug Abuse, $492,740 (9/1/02-2/28/05).  Status: Completed.
  • Principal Investigator:  Assessing the Impact of Substance Abuse on Employment Status," Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $99,801 (07/01/2002 - 12/31/2003). Status: Completed.
  • Co-Principal Investigator:  "Econometric Analysis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Preventive Interventions," with Donald S. Kenkel (Department of Policy Analysis and Management - Cornell University) National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, $270,102 (09/01/2000 -- 8/31/2003). Status: Completed.
  • Co-Investigator:  "Smoking and Low-Tar Cigarettes: Follow-up and Simulation," with Lynn Kozlowski, et al. (Department of Biobehavioral Health - Penn State University) Centers for Disease Control, Office of Smoking and Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, $98,830 (9/30/97 -- 9/29/99). Status: Completed