Reveal Bioscience LLC - Company Information

Contact Information
John P. Aris, PhD
2530 NW 38th Drive
Gainesville, FL  32605

Reveal Bioscience LLC was formed in the State of Florida in 2011.
Reveal Bioscience has an exclusive license for the mAbs 38F3, 28F2, 39C7, and 40B7.
Reveal Bioscience pays royalties quarterly as described in the licensing agreement.

Articles of Organization Information
Date of filing with Florida Department of State - 22 February 2011
Sunbiz search (inquire by name) using "reveal" to find Reveal Bioscience LLC listing.
Date of notice of assignment of IRS EIN - 1 April 2011

Licensing Agreement Information
University of Florida Office of Technology Licensing
Phone:  352-392-8929

Royalty Reporting Information
University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc
Phone:  352-392-9271

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