Walking with Cavemen:  Episode 1

Video Study Guide Questions


  1. What characteristic sets Australopithecus afarensis apart from any other ape?




  1. What type of environment did Lucy’s ancestors live 8 million years ago in Africa?




  1. The change in environment was caused by something happening below the sea.  What event was taking place?




  1. According to the video, why did A. afarensis adopt bipedalism?  In other words, what advantage did it give them?




  1. What group of living apes do Parathropus boisei most resemble?




  1. What 2 other species of ape-man are also living at this time (2 million years ago)?




  1. What type of diet is Paranthropus boisei adapted for?




  1. How does Homo habilis obtain food, particularly meat?




  1. What is the disadvantage of being a specialist?




  1. Which hominid group was the first creature to make stone tools?