Computer Class Home Page Spring 2008

The First email here

Wikipedia page for Ed Roberts who produced the Altair 8800, the first PC here

Lecture notes for second part of Shaw lecture (4/2/07): Beginning HTML programming

Lecture notes for third Shaw lecture (4/9/07):

Download Mac web page editor here

Web Page Development Software; Free software from Evrsoft 1st Page. Instructions on how to use your Gatorlink disc space to set up a web site here. Here is a link to Validator, a web site which will check your web page for mistakes. Here, is a free online manual for learning HTML. Here, is a page giving more information on making web pages. Here is a page detailing some interesting things about jpg/jpeg images, which I found quite useful.

Here is the Tim Berners-Lee home page.

Here is a page describing RGB colors and how they are coded in hexadecimals.

FileSee This is a very useful program which allows you to see exactly what is in different kinds of files. Download a trail version from

C and C++ Compilers; In class I used Bloodsheds C++ compiler, which is as far as I can tell an excellent product and is free. Go to This makes real Windows programs in C and C++, as well as simple DOS programs.

Students pages;

FTP and Telnet/PuTTY. You already got WS_FTP, a Windows based free FTP program. Also it is very useful to have a Telnet type program, which will allow you to do more manipulations on a server, like possibly executing programs if you are cleared to do this. A free program called PuTTY can be down loaded from here. Most servers now use a secure SSH login, so select that option. When you connect put in your FTP username and password, and you should get into the same directory as the one you go to with FTP. At the command line type "cal 2005", and if you can execute programs a UNIX machine should print out a calender for this year.

A table of ASCII characters. Go to And here is a description of the FASTA file format, important for many sequence analysis programs

The University of Florida Soda Shoppe: place to get some free software (i.e. FTP program) and a lot of cheap software (i.e XWindows for PC, Hummingbird Exceed for PC, both allow you to run Xwindows on a PC). (only works if you have a University of Florida IP number most likely).

Javascript stuff: Check back here as I get to it. Here are some simple Javascript programs I've been working on;

PMSF Calculator PMSF Calculator V.2 Centrifuge Calculator Centrifuge Calculator V.2
Molarity Calculator Protein MW Calculator Protein MW Calculator V.2 Protein MW Calculator V.3
Nucleic acid MW Calculator Ammonium Sulfate Calculator Simple Dilutions Calculator Blood Volume Calculator

Also here are some useful Javascript sites The Javascript Source, and The Javascript Kit, and A Javascript Tutorial. (There seems to be a lot of these sites, presumably reflecting the versatility and usefulness of Javascript).

A very useful on-line computer class from Anthony Baines in Cantabury Kent in the UK- lotta useful stuff there.. See also article on Bioinformatics by Luscombe, Greenbaum and Gerstein . Also try downloading this article by William Pearson, the father of FASTA, in the file called Pearson.pdf, Here (have to select file manually). While you're there check out the Lupas.pdf, which shows you how to predict alpha-helical coiled coils in protein sequences.