Project 1
Project 2
Project 3

Advanced Digital

Professor: Ruth Ron

Project 1: Morph/Loft

Morphing and lofting are the two conceptual ideas used in this project. The main concept was to create a furniture piece with multiple functions for the main entrance of the architecture building. The form creates a table, sitting area and overhead condition inspired by one of Acconci’s projects, the lobby of the bronx museum of the arts.

lobby-for-the-time-being, bronx museum of the arts. designed by vito acconci with dupont™ corian®
image by bradley rothenberg

Project 2: Performative architecture

The main concept of this project was taken from the development of a flower and how an organic composition could be incorporated into a structure. The design was based on the process that a flower under goes and the series of changes that create its own structure. The plant maintains its own growth pattern until it is ready to go through its new stage. A conceptual design of a series of patterns of the development of the flower were used in the southern facade of the architecture building in order to create a sequence of shadows.

Project 3: Repetition/ variation: distorting the grid