How To Stop Sexism

Most people agree that sitting back and doing nothing to fight the sexism that exists in society contributes nothing towards achieving equality. While it is important to combat sexism on a small scale, most people agree that nothing can be done to change engrained social habits without a collective effort to encourage awareness and revealing hidden sexist structures, rather than merely telling people that they are racist. It is also important to apply a non-biased mindset to the struggle to end sexism. The Huffington Post discusses how failure to react to sexist statements against conservative women, who, because of their ideology, some people believe deserve ill-intended comments, is in itself sexism.1 Feminist writer bell hooks discusses how feminist women are not always equal simply because of their gender: they come from different socioeconomic and racial classes.2 It is important to recognize sexist behavior, even if you disagree with the context in which it is being performed. The women's advocacy group the Geurilla Girls attempt, through politically provocative artwork and newsletters, to reveal sexism in the art world. They write letters to gallery owners containing statistics that reveal engrained sexism in an attempt to encourage a change in behavior.3 Being able to recognize and respond to institutional sexist behavior in oneself or others is the most direct way to fight sexism.

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