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Do you need help on an assignment?  Do you need to review for an exam?... or would you simply like a better understanding of certain programming concepts?  As a former "TA" for programming courses, I can help you overcome those hurdles.  I am currently offering tutoring assistance for the following courses:
CGS 6305 Computer Based Business Management (Java / C++)
  "CGS 6305 is a rigorous course that assumes the student enters with a strong working knowledge of the C programming language.  The course is fast-paced and covers the fundamentals of object-oriented (OO) programming and application development using Java and C++.  Concepts reviewed include Java interfaces, memory management, exceptions, Java applications vs. applets, class design, inheritance, C++ operator overloading, polymorphism, data structures, templates, and the Standard Template Library (STL)."
CGS 2414 Programming in Java
  An introductory Java programming course that requires no prior "programming background", but warns that "programming is very technical work... attention to detail, analytical thinking and logical problem solving will be expected."  The course covers "syntax, definitions of the language," and basic OO concepts.
CGS 3460 Programming in C
  "Students learn the main features of the C programming language, and design, code and test programs and program components using C to solve a variety of problems.  The objective of this course is to provide students with knowledge of the facilities of the C language for use in procedural programming."
CGS 3403 Programming in COBOL
  "The course teaches applications programming in COBOL beginning with a traditional (i.e., procedural) point of view and culminates with the final lectures, readings, and lab assignment introducing an object oriented view of Cobol. Contemporary software engineering practices are stressed throughout."
QMB 7931 Visual Basic Applications
  "The course is designed to teach Visual Basic .Net and enforce good programming habits that are applicable to other languages.  Upon completion of the course students learn:
  • the Visual Basic .Net syntax and the development environment,
  • the concept of event driven programming,
  • component based development & object oriented concepts and
  • how to use VB as a front-end for databases and other data providers such as spreadsheets."
CGS 3066 Navigating the Internet
  As one wise instructor stated, this is "by far the most misleading course name... topics covered include internet networking fundamentals along with website development using xhtml, cascading style sheets, and basic javascript."
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