Seminar paper assignment, Spring 2005

American Legal History, Shandong University Law School



Due Monday June 20

Drafts due by Monday June 6

10 pages long

Examine the readings from one week of this course and write essay explaining:

n      The materials in detail:

o     Explain what the documents are,

o     Who wrote them or maintained them, and

o     What the purpose or purposes of the documents are.


n      How they help us as legal historians:

o     What do the documents tell us with respect to the issues that interest legal historians:

o     Study of cases and rules

o     Study of law in a society

o     Study of law as part of a society

o     Study of law’s influence on a society

o     Study of society’s influence on law

o     Study of law’s relation to other forms of control and power


Format for the paper:

I. Introduction: Summarize your analysis briefly

II. Set out your detailed examination (using classnotes, and other information, if you have it).

III. Explain the significance of these documents to a legal historian.

IV. Conclusion