Seminar paper assignment, Constitutional Law

Spring 2005


n      Due Tuesday June 21

n      Drafts due by Tuesday June 7

n      10 pages long

n      Pick a document we have not read for class from the casebook (on the webpage) and analyze it in the context of constitutional issues we have discussed in this course.

q     Casebook is updated with new cases and documents.

q     You may write on any document with an * by it.

n      Write essay explaining:

q     The document in detail,

n      Explain what the document is,

n      Who wrote it or maintained it, and

n      What its purpose is.

q     Analyzing it:

n      How does it is it relate to the issues (for example, constitutionalism, liberalism, republicanism, federalism) that we have dealt with in this course?

n      How does it compare to other documents we read for this course?

n      What does this comparison tell us about constitutional development in the United States?

n      Format of your essay:

q     Introduction (Summarize your analysis briefly)

q     Set out your detailed examination of the document

q     Explain the significance of this document to issues of constitutional law.

q     Conclusion