AMH 6198, Spring 2004

Professor Elizabeth Dale


Required reading list:


Richter, Daniel, Facing East from Indian Country (Harvard)

Cabeza de Vaca, Chronicles of the Narvaez Expedition (Penguin)

Pagan, John, Ann Orthwood’s Bastard (Oxford)

Maier, Pauline, From Resistance to Revolution ((Norton)

Bonomi, Patricia, Under the Cope of Heaven (Oxford)

Rediker and Linebaugh, The Many Headed Hydra (Beacon)

Thornton, John, Africa and Africans in the Making of the Atlantic (Cambridge)

Brown, Kathleen, Good Wives, Nasty Wenches, Anxious Patriarchs (UNC Press)

Cornell, Saul, The Other Founders (UNC Press)

Wood, Peter, Black Majority (Norton)

Lepore, Jill, Name of War (Random House)

Freeman, Joanne, Affairs of Honor (Yale)


Recommended for background:

Greene, Jack, Pursuits of Happiness (UNC Press)