The  USDA-ARS Solution

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) once had the motto Abraham Lincoln hung on the USDA,

"The People's Department".

President Donald Trump could greatly improve Agricultural research in the Unired States by closing the Agrucultural Research Service (ARS) and plowing the money into Land Grant University Research Grants.

ARS goes for decades on unproductive and wasteful and misguided research guided by intrenched interests that are counter to the interests of the People.

An unproductive university research project could be gone by the third year, not 30 years down the road, as happens with USDA-ARS.

USDA had been trying to figure out how its "Gold Standard" insect repellent (DEET) works since the 1940's. When Moss made an effort (which was yielding aparently useful information about DEET) to figure it out, his career was promplty (on a USDA time scale) ended and Moss was forcefully driven out of government research.

Get rid of ARS, Mr. President.