Open Source Dental Software

Helping you understand your patients!

Patience (yes it's meant to be mis-spelled) is free software designed by UF dental students. It is designed to help you manage your patient pool and track clinical requirements. You will find new ways to view and manage individual patient data including full resolution photographs, medical alerts, contact info/best appointment times, and scheduled status. In addition, treatment plan progress is available in real time. This information is viewable by patient or as current standings vs. requirements. This software is compliant with HIPAA and was designed to be encrypted.

Download Instructions

1) Download the Patience template (default password: "ufdental")

2) Download your SnapShot via "ECO"

3) Open both files and paste data FROM your Snapshot into the "Treatment Plans Details" worksheet of Patience. This needs to be done each time you want to refresh your data. Now right click the "patient_name" field (on the SnapShot tab) and select "refresh."

4) Enjoy!