Experience Summary Academic Background



Cisco MDS 9000 SAN switches, SUN Sparc servers/workstations, IBM pSeries servers, IBM SP servers, IBM RS6000 workstations, Pyramid MIServers, Apple Macintoshes, IBM 3090 mainframes, IBM 4341 mainframes, IBM 370/125 mainframes, Digital 11/750 minicomputers

Operating Systems:
UNIX - Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris, Sun SunOS, IBM AIX, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Pyramid OSx, Apple A/UX
Other - VMWare, Apple MacOS, IBM VM/CMS, IBM DOS/VSE, Digital VMS

Programming Languages:


Area of Concentration Level of Certification
Red Hat Linux Engineer
IBM RS/6000 AIX Advanced Technical Expert 
IBM RS/6000 SP/PSSP Specialist
IBM AIX System Support Specialist
IBM AIX Performance and System Tuning   Certified
IBM AIX Communications Certified


May 2001 to Present
Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA), Gainesville, Florida
Coordinator, Computer Applications

Coordinates installation and development of the Unix server systems which are the storehouse for FCLA's digital library and bibliographic data. Responsible for on-going support of these Unix systems, including the installation, modification, enhancement and maintenance of existing subsystems and third-party software.

November 1997 to May 2001
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
Coordinator, Computer Applications
(previous title: Computer Operations Manager)

Led the data management and systems administration team in the University of Florida's Maternal Child Health Education and Research Data Center (MCHERDC) [formerly known as the Perinatal Research Center], a branch of the Lawton and Rhea Chiles Center for Healthy Mothers and Babies. Responsible for all aspects of data management, procedures, planning, and structuring for databases pertaining to the MCHERDC. Served as the Division of Biostatistics systems administrator for the Third Party Evaluation Data Center in the Department of Pediatrics, maintaining the Data Center's network of Sun Solaris UNIX workstations.

April 1994 to October 1997
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida
UNIX Systems Administrator

Administrator of a network of over 100 IBM AIX and Sun Solaris UNIX workstations and servers for the Computer Science Department. Responsible for supporting over 4000 students, staff, and faculty, with the installtion, maintenance, and use of many third-party products, public domain and shareware software, and the Internet.

February 1993 to April 1994
RCF Information Systems, Fairborn, Ohio
Systems Analyst

Lead contractor and systems administrator for the Logistical Data Integration Systems (LOGDIS) project at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. The LOGDIS project involved linking several Air Force bases for communications and logistics data transfer using Pyramid UNIX computers.

February 1992 to February 1993
Control Data Corporation, Fairborn, Ohio
Systems Analyst

Support contractor and database administrator for the Logistical Data Integration Systems (LOGDIS) project at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. Responsible for creating applications consisting of 4GL programs, SQL structures, and shell scripts to facilitate use of Ingres databases.

November 1986 to February 1992
Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
Systems Programmer

Administrator of a network of 30 Sun workstations and 5 Sun servers for the Communications and Development Group. Also responsible for the creation of the campus Macintosh network and for support of communications, database, and printing software for the primary academic IBM mainframe.

October 1984 to November 1986
Monarch Machine Tool Company, Cortland, New York
Systems Programmer

Administrator of both an IBM CADAM system for mechanical and industrial engineering design and an IBM WESTI system for an internally-developed on-line inventory, procurement, and sales tracking system. Developed and maintained COBOL programs for the WESTI system.

March 1984 to October 1984
State University of New York, Binghamton, New York

Provided technical assistance to the university community in all phases of computer usage with emphasis in the areas of IBM VM/CMS mainframes, Digital VAX/VMS minicomputers, and Apple Macintosh microcomputers.

July 1982 to October 1983
IBM, Endicott, New York

Designed and implemented graphics-based financial and statistical systems using APL and SAS to analyze circuit board manufacturing yields for production flaws.


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Experience Summary Academic Background



Master's Degree:   M.S., Industrial Engineering, Central Florida
  Concentration:       Simulation, Modeling and Analysis
Graduate Certificate:   G.C., Project Management, Central Florida     
Bachelor's Degree:   B.S., Applied Mathematics, Georgia Tech       
  Concentration:       Numerical Analysis
  Scholarship:         National Merit Scholarship Recipient
High School:   Salutatorian, Putnam County Sr, Cookeville, TN  


University of Florida Supervisory Challenge
Red Hat Certified Engineer
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Cisco MDS 9000 Multiprotocol Storage Essentials
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Sun Solaris Version 1 Advanced Administration
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IBM AIX Version 5L Differences
IBM AIX Version 4 Storage Management
IBM AIX Version 4 Performance Management
IBM AIX Version 4 Advanced Systems Administration
IBM AIX Version 4 Administration for Experienced UNIX Professionals
Tivoli Storage Manager Version 4 Disaster Recovery Manager
Tivoli Storage Manager Version 4 Advanced Administration
Tivoli Storage Manager Version 4 Implementation
Centers for Disease Control: Privacy, Confidentiality, and the Protection of Health Data
Ingres Database Development and Administration
Pyramid MIServer Administration
IBM CADAM Advanced Operations
IBM CADAM Operations