David Ojika, PhD


Research AssOciate

Benton Hall

University of Florida

davido@ ufl.edu



David is a postdoctoral associate in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of the University of Florida. He specializes in using reconfigurable architectures for machine learning and heterogeneous computing. He has had several industry experiences working with the Data Center group at Intel, focusing on 2 accelerator-based systems: Intel Xeon+FPGA, and a compute-near-memory (CNM) infrastructure. He also spent a summer at Microsoft Research (in the Project Catapult team), working on the integration of FPGAs in the cloud. Prior to these, he was a systems engineer at a satellite communications company. Currently, his research focuses on applied AI and end-to-end machine learning workflows for scientific computing and streaming big data analytics.


Research interests

Intelligent IoT

Science gateway

Distributed dataflow computing

Accelerated ML training/inference workflows

Hardware/software co-simulation of accelerators


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