Neon behind the AC Controls

For most of you who wish to change the color of your interior to something other then orange, you know the AC control area is a paint to change. There are 2 little leds that are a paint to get out and hard to find colored replacements. There are little bulb covers that u can put on but they will be dim, poor color and fade over time.

To overcome this, owners in the past have put neon, led and rope lights behind there to light it up different colors. In this install I use a 4” cold cathode. A good cheap site is: [URL=""][/URL] . Cold Cathodes are good because they are normally brighter, cheaper, more efficient, and run cooler then neon’s. I use them because they are really cheap The only problem is they are made for computers so you have to cut the wires.
I also suggest unhooking the car battery before doing anything just to be safe. And as always I am not responsible to anything that happens to your car

1. In order to make cold cathodes work for the car you have to take the wires out of the moltex connectors. This is easily done by using a paperclip and pushing the pins out. Made sure to tape off the metal connectors in the middle so they do not touch and short out. You will be using the yellow for power and black for ground.

2. With that done its time to install. Use the “taking apart the dash” install to get everything apart.

3. With the AC control area open you will see the black plastic surround in it. The 2 circled sides need to be cut out. I used tin snips but whatever works.

4. The cathode would not fit in with the little orange leds in there so I popped them out. They wouldn’t come out so I kinda broke them. But make sure not to break the circuit board itself.

5. The next problem is how to power it. With this you have a few options.

a.1st is to use a fuse tap. A “mini fuse tap” (you can get at pep boys) goes in the passenger side fuse box and makes another connection with its own fuse. I used this for my gauges. I have it tapped into the taillight fuse so whenever the lights come on, it comes on.

b.2nd method I have used is powering off the cig lighter. To do this u simply stick the wire into the little white plug on the back of the cig lighter. Tape it in to secure. I have all 5 of my cold cathodes running off of this area.

c.After getting power, you need a ground. A simple place to ground is to the plate under the steering wheel. I grounded mine between the bolt and the metal plate so it was wedged in there never had a problem yet.

d.Test to make sure everything works.

6. Final problem is, if you are not using a fuse tap, you need a switch to turn it on and off unless you want it on all the time. An example of what I did was drill 2 holes and install switches next to the shifter. But you can install switches anywhere you want.

7. Now put everything back together. A problem you may face is with the AC knobs fitting. On mine, if you tightened the screws all the way then the knobs would not turn around all the way. What I have to do is unscrew the screws a hair, test and do that till everything works.

8. You’re done!!!! And as always feel free to PM or email me with questions.