Make Cathodes Work For Any Application

Hey everyone, I forgot to ad the tinny detail about putting cold cathodes in your car. Is how to make it go from hooking it into a pc to hooking it into your cig lighter?

When you receive your Cold Cathode kit, you should have:

1) 1 or 2 cold cathode tubes.

2) Blue or gray inverter box

3) Wires with 2 plastic Moltex connectors, 1 switch (may be a toggle or long metal bar (used for PCI slots on back of PC's)

After assessing you have everything, take a paperclip, and push the little pins inside of the moltex connector in order to get the pins out of the plastic. You only need to get out the yellow and black wire that is right next to each other. Do this for both connectors.

Now with the wires out, use electrical tape and tape off the 2 metal pins that are in the middle of the wires as shown below. This is to prevent the wires from shorting out. Or you can just use the ones in the middle and cut off the other 2, itís all up to you and what works best in your case.

Below is a picture of all of the parts assembled? The yellow wire goes into the power (either fuse tap or into cigarette lighter) and the black is the ground wire (tap onto the frame somewhere)

As for the switch, if you choose not to use the switch provided, just simply clip the wires and attach them to a new switch. If you fuse tapping, I just tucked the switch down and made sure it was turned to on. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.