ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY 3: 5x5x5: Retrospective sketching as design communication

The architect's napkin sketch is both iconic and romantic. It is not surprising that Rem Koolhaas includes such sketches in his official archives and publications (e.g. SMLXL); and one of the most famous is Alvar Aalto's dinner napkin sketch for the Church of the Holy Spirit in Wolfsburg (Aalto wrote famously, "God made paper to draw architecture on it.") In the context of this course, it is also a mode for rethinking design communication and analysis. Paralleling and emerging from the subject matter of the group presentations, this exercise asks students to delve retrospectively into a recent architectural project - in a sense, to simulate the earliest stages of schematic design and architect-client interaction. The napkin will serve as a fixed, but also serialized, medium to document a process of excavating ideas and concepts associated with a particular project. Ultimately, through a historical lens of precedent, it asks us to review how we draw, why we sketch, where inspiration resides, and what constitutes design communication. This exercise complements the group work of the presentations with an intensive, individual rumination on a contemporary architectural design project. The sketches and writing serve to visualize, make immediate, and even personalize the "historical"understanding of a particular architect's (or architectural firm's) place within contemporary practice and a historical context. Revisiting a project's core ideas interrogates not only an architectural work's foundation but also its possible directions. In a sense, these five diagrams "rewrite" (or more precisely, "redraw") possible historical trajectories, bringing this course's content into contact with a broader field of practice and design process.

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