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Natural Vision Improvement FAQ - I can't verify the accuracy of all of the facts in this FAQ, but it is certainly an interesting read.

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Oasis Sanctuary
This is a place in Arizona run by dedicated people who care for captive exotic birds.  Lucy, the bird companion of me and my family for the first 17 years of my life, is currently living there with her new friend Pele.  We thought that things would be better for her if she could be with other birds and around people for more of the day.  She seemed very depressed and frusterated in the months before we made the decision to turn her over (picking on and pulling out feathers). This turns out to be a very common thing for exotic birds though, something we didn't find out about until problems arose.  My parents went to Arizona first to check out the Sanctuary before we decided to leave Lucy in their care, and they only had good things to say when they came back.  Please donate to the sanctuary if you can, as they have no other sources of funding besides donations.  And please reconsider buying or adopting exotic pets if you were thinking about it.  Exotic pets, especially birds, have the best chance of having a fulfilled life if they are left in the wild.  No matter how much attention and love you think you can give to them, sometimes it isn't enough.