Notes and Reflections While Shaving Wood
Getting From Conception to Completion
Doug Hepler
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This website features an Acrobat copy of a book that I wrote during a period of more than 15 years while I studied and practiced becoming a competent wood-worker. It records the information that I needed and the problems that I solved: what I found, where I found it, and the reflections that were going through my mind. So, it somwhat documents my development as a woodworker.
It includes both serious and humorous reflections on the nature of woodworking, and the experience of learning it. So, Notes are more practical (I hope) and Reflections are more philosophical.
The book is a 7 MB Acrobat document. It will take a few seconds to download over a high-speed connection. If the internal chapter links don't work, download the free Acrobat reader. The Table of Contents and the back button are your main navigation tools. The links for chapters will jump you to the beginning of each chapter. The yellow boxes at the bottom left of every page will jump you back to the Table of Contents.
This website also includes a few additional brief Projects, Notes and Reflections that (obviouly) did not make it into the book. You can reach them by clicking on the links in this paragraph.
    AND, WHY?  

Writing is how I learn and, increasingly as life goes on, how I remember what I learned. So, truthfully, I wrote this mainly for myself (and a good thing that is, you may say). I decided to publish it because I thought the notes might help new woodworkers find information more easily, and the reflections might stimulate a bit of discussion. I'm not trying to sell anything, not even ideas, except for my view of workshop safety. I admit it -- I would like to convince some people to think a bit differently about workshop safety.

If you find anything useful, or if you have questions or comments, I would like to hear from you. Please email me at cdhepler38[at]comcast[dot]net. Put the word, "woodworking" in the subject or body, so that my spam filter will pass it on.

The book is print-protected with a password. Also, please note the terms of use and copyright notice . If you wonder why I include these, it's because that's how the world seems to be these days. Almost every reflection is original. Some of the "Shop Rules" and "Truth in Woodworking" were gathered from the iternet and are of unknown origin. Almost everything in the notes is based on other people's work, but is my version of things. (In my former life, we called that scholarship.) I have tried to cite and credit every major source. If I missed an attribution, or if I have used something that you own and that you woud like me to remove, please let me know.

    I hope you enjoy it.  

Doug Hepler