Southern hospitality, Gator football and Phi Mu


My life has been what some could say insignificant, but to me it has been an amazing journey. I am a University of Florida student on the verge of something much bigger.

As a senior journalism major, I have big plans to excel in the field of magazines somewhere in this great country. Of course you can find out all about my aspirations, travels and more in the linked pages. If you want to know more about where I come from and where my passion is rooted, check out the “About Me” page or check out my resume in the "Resume" link.

Here are some quick facts you may not have known before-

  1. I currently live with more than 30 other women in a beautiful pink sorority house.
  2. I have two cats (that are on loan to my Dad for a year) Daisy and Blaze, recently dubbed Slugger.
  3. My favorite food of all time is probably Chik-Fil-A, when I can’t get some Southern home cookin’.
  4. I have never moved in my entire life, but always lived on Ninth Street.
  5. I used to be a professional tree-climber, and somewhat of a tomboy.
  6. My dog is a Yorkie-huahua (pronounced Yorkie-wah wah), named Rascal.
  7. Southern Living and Coastal Living is delivered to me every month.
  8. I visited a dairy in no-where-ville Georgia twice each year throughout my life and have a cow named after me.
  9. Diamonds are not a girls’ best friend- but they sparkle just as well.
  10. I am an Aunt, pronounced like the bug.

Hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far- read on to find out more!

Thoughtfully yours,

Callie Lynne Polk