Brian Nogues was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He recieved his BFA in Digital Media, with a minor in Art History, from the Univeristy of Florida in 2008. In 2010 he was awarded his MFA in visual arts from Clemson University in South Carolina. His work is not defined by a particular medium but is most often photographic in nature and combines technical ability with conceptual rigor. Brian's interests range from critical theory to the most trivial aspects of popular culture, creating a common point of intersection in his work. He currently resides, works, and teaches in South Florida. As to why possum-head? Part of the answer is that it derives from a childhood nickname bestowed on him by his father, the same man that gave him his first camera.


MFA Photography and Digital Imaging
Clemson University, Clemson, SC. 2010

BFA Digital Media
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 2008


brian (at) possum-head (dot) com

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artist statement//

My role as an artist is not that of a problem solver but rather a locator and creator of visual discrepancies. I make images about images, sometimes about the ones that already exist in a given photographic outlet - be it the media, the web, magazines, periodicals, or the canon of art history, and occasionally, I make images fueled by the philosophy and aesthetics of these channels.

Our current image-based society has done a fine job of exposing us to a nearly complete scope of photographic possibilities. It is for this very reason that I expect my audience to have a pre-existing familiarity with certain kinds of images, I assume that they've seen certain films, album covers, viral videos, billboards, postcards, or at the very least, something similar. My work is peppered with references and whether the viewer picks up on them initially, or not, I believe they aid in the audiences experience of the work. These somewhat familiar images function as a couter-point to the photographs of the mainstream – inviting a certain level of critical inquiry and subjectivity into the way we as a culture view and understand the mass influx of images that we willingly and unwillingly encounter everyday.


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